Raspberry Memories

Raspberry Memories

Once, when I was 17, my father decided to grow red raspberries along with the strawberries, apples, herbs and vegetables in his garden. “Why.” I asked,”do you want to grow those thorny, seedy things?” He lowered his head and sighed, then spoke quietly. “I was five when my mother died, and the last thing we did together was pick raspberries.” I saw a moistness in his eyes, and not knowing what to say, I simply hugged him. The day after we buried my mother, , I took my 14 year old son berry picking.  “Why” he started. I took his hand and whispered, “I’m starting a new tradition.”


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    Hey! This is a different one than the one I’d started reading earlier… this one looks like a Fictioneer post 😉 Loved this story. It rings of truth – is it fiction or memoir? Either way, it’s a great one.

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      beebeesworld said,

      Well, my father’s mom did die when he was 5, he did plant red raspberries when I was a teen, my mom passed away last year (but in winter) and I did take my teen son BLACKberry picking 2 times last week-so maybe it’s fiction based on experiences…I do that a lot. Thanks for your wonderful site. I may need help-I am not good at the tech stuff-hopefully your site can help me learn!

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    Sandra Bennett said,

    From generation to generation, tradition is an important memory maker !! Thanks for sharing yours. : )

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    kiaman2012 said,

    Beautiful & touching!

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