How to Grow a Garden


He is five years old and I’m his grandmother..
I have a struggling garden at his house.
“How do you grow a garden, BeeBee?”
He asks with curious eyes.
“Well, first, you have to prepare the ground.”
I tell him as he watches a butterfly nearby.
“What kind of butterfly is that, BeeBee?”
“Black swallowtail.” I reply, waiting to go on.
“Well, what does its ‘worm’ look like?” He asks.
“It’s black and white and yellow striped.”
“Your garden doesn’t look too good, BeeBee”
He tells me as he looks a hot dry ground.
” I know, I say, “It needs rain right now.”
“Yeah, I know,” He smiles. “Sun and rain and vitamins.”,
“That’s right, your a smart boy,” I pat his white hair.
“Are you going to tell me how to grow a garden?”
He asks, impatiently, watching another butterfly.
“I’m trying.” I say, a little impatiently myself..
“Oh, never mind.” He says. “I already know”
“Can I look at your butterfly book?


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  1. 1

    Sandra Bennett said,

    I’d say he’s leanred a lot from you, BeeBee…. ( :

  2. 2

    What a DOLL. I love this…..thanks for sharing your sweet grandbaby ♥

  3. 5

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  4. 6

    linperkins said,

    What a sweetheart, and I’m sure I could use his gardening tips for mines struggling to survive.Best of luck to your son in his new job and you for looking after the little darlin

    • 7

      beebeesworld said,

      Thank you for your kindness- I have very funny grands-my grand daughter told her mom- (my daughter) that she was piss-ted at her for taking her kitten in another room for a nap! (she is 4) I will see if I can find your blog and follow-hope you will do the same for me.

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