A Haunting Afternoon

My son and I were going to pick up a few things at the local hardware store, garden supplies, a few herbs, a hand shovel. It was dark and stormy, we ran to the door just as huge drops started to spatter the ground.  My son saw a fireworks display and asked to buy some, reminding me that it was July 2nd.  Suddenly a streak of lightning light the sky and the lights flickered out.  I grabbed my son’s hand said, “It will be okay.”

The next few moments were the most intriguing of my life. Everything was dark around me, but inside my mind, I was in a different place, a different time.  I heard someone cry out to “hold the line”. I saw soldiers falling on an open field. Rocky outcrops lined the hill above me, and I saw a Confederate flag waving in the distance. The air was filled with gun fire, cannon shots, shouts and screams.  My heart was beating loudly, I held my breath in fear. “Where was I? What was happening?”

My son looked towards me and said, “Mom, Mom, are you alright?” I shook my head as the lights flickered back on. I was still shaking. “Yeah, I think so,” I said. “ I just had the weirdest experience.”  “What?”, he asked as we approached the cash register. “I’ll tell you in the car,” I replied as the cashier told me the amount of my purchase.  “$18.63.” She said with a smile. I handed her the money, grabbed the receipt and bags and headed for the car.

“Well, Mom,” my son said, “What was it?”  “I know you believe in the paranormal.” I said and hesitated.  “Yes,” he replied, waiting. “I think I just had a flashback to Gettysburg.” I reminded him that today was July 2nd, the heat of the Battle of Gettysburg, and that the years of the battle was 1863-the amount my bill had totaled. I told him of the experience I had when the lightning blew out the lights in the store and he shuddered. Mom, I was there, too he said. I saw Uncle Jim Merritt get shot in the face. I was hold the flag up, waving for help.” We both smiled a knowing smile, we had just seen a piece of our family history!


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    Sandra Bennett said,

    Very interesting….do tell me more about Uncle Jim Merritt !!

    • 3

      beebeesworld said,

      He was your Uncle too-he was Jeptha Merritts brother-one of the 3 that went to sutters creek, calif in gold rush. He was shot in the face at gettysbur, talken prisoner by yanjees and TAKEN TO A ny HISPITAL WHERE HE RECOVERD-BUT WAS LEFT BLIND-AND RETUEND HOME, hE RAISED A FAMILY, WAS A HORSE TRADER. i HAVE COPIES CUZ RICHARD SENT OF an article about him and his pic w/wife and such-Ill see if i can find it and send u a copy-thanks r reading my blog so often…i have been in a real bad place lately-stress city-hope you are hangin in..brenda


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    Benedita said,

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  3. 6

    I loved it. Definitely my kind of story.

  4. 7

    russtowne said,

    Thank you for sharing this interesting story!

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