Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

As many of you know, I study spiders, insects, nature in general. I have written stories on spiders many times. Ironically, Black Widows “come to me” on my son’s grave and now, my mom’s grave as well. It has happened 4 times with my son and this is the first with my mom. I will look around and there will be no black widows on any of the other grave sites. Is it a message to me because they know that only I would recognize the Black Widows web and hunt for the spider? I will always “wait” to see if it is some sort of message from my loved ones. This one I found tonight hidden in my mom’s flower vase.


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    I actually said “Eweee!” aloud. We had a whole bunch of them….living under our hot tub when we sold it…like 20 or 30. That’s a big fat one. This was in CA….when we had the spiders. 🙂

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    bigsmileu1 said,

    I hope I am not offending you by saying this, but maybe the message is related to the knowledge you have of Black Widow’s Webs. What kind of web do your weave? The fact that you have seen so many at the grave sites makes me think a message is trying to come through to you. Possibly they are telling you that the universe is connected by one big web. They are part of that web with you. Never really far away, just one the other side of the web. My blessings to you. 🙂

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      beebeesworld said,

      yeah, Ive always felt the “we are all connected” thing-I wrote a prose in my blog with that message recently-I do feel there is some attempt to communicate here-maybe just “we are with you” thanks for the comment. Ive been teased by “web” comments before, but your comment is in no way offensive-thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts!

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        bigsmileu1 said,

        I find you very brave for being willing to be close enough to a black widow spider to take a picture of it. I don’t think I am so brave. Have a wonderful evening. 🙂

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    Connie Valle said,

    Brenda, I love you dearly, and Black Widows are one of my favorite spiders! I think your Son and Mother BOTH are trying to tell YOU that they are OK that they are in GOD’S Loving care and it is time for your to take care of you! You are such a loving person Brenda, we all love you and worry for you. I know I have to have a brick to hit me in the head before I understand some things but your family and God is telling you that they are OK and that you will see them again!
    Love YOU!

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    Since you recognize the Black Widow’s web and would be protected in that knowledge, I feel their presence is one of protection for your loved ones. Knowing your keen interest in insects, spiders, and nature, your Mom and Andrew are reassuring you that they are resting peacefully.

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    SomerEmpress said,

    Of course it is! The Universe has a way of aligning things just so…be open to receive its little love deposits and acknowledgments.

  6. 11

    Thats one shiny black spidey indeed:)

  7. 12

    […] Black Widow Spiders are Closer than You Wish! […]

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    tersiaburger said,

    Hi Brenda, Thank you for reading my blog. I have read some of your blog and really believe that our loved ones communicate with us from the other side. It is reassuring knowing that they are still around. You write beautifully!

  9. 15

    Lovely story…I love these spiders too. They are given such a bad rap but they don’t deserve it. They are beautiful.

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