A Storm in the Nighttime

A rattling awakens me,
from the depths of a sleep badly needed.
I ease back into a restless slumber,
Comforted by the patter of rain outside.

He loved storms too, I smile and remember,
Even as a tiny child, we’d watch them,
Cuddled on the porch as lightning
And thunder surrounded us.

Somehow now, as I lie here alone,
The echoes of distant thunder
Comfort me, embrace me.
I feel him here, somewhere, somehow.

A flash of lightning filters into my room,
Filling my mind with better times.
In that brief moment, I hear him calling,
Come, hurry, watch the storm with me.



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  1. 1

    Oh Bren I feel your heart and the mixture of a beautiful memory and a haunting sense of your pain. Andrew is smiling at you saying “How do you like this mom, you should really see it from this side” then laughing. And you will someday when the time is right you will both look through the clouds and see the lightning and just laugh and laugh 🙂

    • 2

      What a wonderful, comforting comment!

    • 4

      beebeesworld said,

      My dad and were sitting on his porch today, and he asked me if I thought that my mom and Andrew could feel how much we missed them and loved them. I held onto his arm and told him, honestly, that if they were in some other dimension, in some other place, that I knew they could feel our love and they loved us back. We talked about how at least there was no more pain where they are, and how much it hurts to miss them…When I look at him, I find myself thinking of him there, alone and me here, touching my son’s possession in reverence…it is just the most empty feeling-it makes me not want to ever leave him, afraid I won’t see him again…

      • 5

        Just enjoy as much as you can for as long as you can. It is not easy but don’t dwell on his being gone enjoy the time you have, after he is gone you of course will grieve for him but for now enjoy and spend as much time as you can making more memories to hold in your heart. Love yaou my sister friend ❤

  2. 6

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Comfort in the storm…I really like this, Cuz…

  3. 7

    Wisper said,

    This is such a sweet and poignent piece. I love how you’ve shown the pain, but at the same time you seem at peace with it.

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