A Week and a Half ’til School Starts

Three of us-one old, two young

jump in the car driving

to where ever we land.

First a historical site

from the civil war era,

we sneak into a field

that says “no trespassing”.

Go up a back road,

taking photos of old houses and barns.

Skip the Blue Ridge Parkway for

Hwy 694-Buzzard Rock,

a  graffiti filled outcropping

that was gorgeous in my day.

Looking over the valley far below

our home, our lives, our graves.

Tired and thirsty, hurry home.

Time seems so precious

with autumn approaching.


8 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    SwittersB said,

    A nice, memorable Summer outing!

  2. 2

    billgncs said,

    remember when the summers lasted forever and a day ?

  3. 3

    Gilly Gee said,

    Time to go back to school already? gosh that’s early! I’m intrigued by Buzzard rock being graffitied, that would not happen here but I like it.

    • 4

      beebeesworld said,

      I live in western North Carolina, USA, where do you live? This is an eclectic sort of town, sometimes referred to as “the Paris of the South”. There are those who like to refer to this graffiti as “art”. I am not one of them, when I was a child and anyone did that stuff, they were arrested for vandalism… I was so disappointed by the trash, broken glass and spray paint at a very lovely place with a view that goes on for miles over the Blue Ridge Mtns!

  4. 5

    Sandra Bennett said,

    You’re so lucky to live where you do ! Time marches on, but memories of past times always in our hearts…

  5. 6

    ly said,

    Love this delightful expression of beauty and time. I felt that summer day and the passage of time. Made me remember that freedom we used to feel during summer break. thanks

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