Late Summer at Fowler Farm


I reluctantly went skeet shooting with my husband and son today.  Not to shoot-just to observe. Sitting alone at home when I want so much to spend every minute I can with him before school starts was just too dismal.

We drove to the next county, which borders with Tennessee to a place called Fowler Farm, to skeet shoot.  I was promised beautiful views and possibly a stop at a summer tomato festival somewhere.  Instead,  after quite a long drive through typical Western North Carolina rural areas, we arrived at a modular house where the skeet shooters pay, and pick up their shotgun shells and earplugs.

I was more interested in the wildflowers and mushrooms on the trails between the eleven “stations”, where participants shoot at four or five psychedelic ceramic skeets from
Different angles. My son showed me several beautiful mushrooms, red, yellow, clusters of creamy white, as we walked along. I was nearing the edge of the four-wheeler type path, looking at flowers, when my husband whispered, “Stop, I see a snake.”

Of course, I immediately stopped. He pointed to the edge of the path, not a yard from where I was standing, and a snake was holding up it’s head, as if sniffing the air.  My son was beside me, holding my sleeve, when my husband whispered, “It’s a Copperhead, be still.”

He got a shell, put it in his shotgun and started to aim at the snake. Me, ever the photographer, especially a nature photographer, said, “Wait-let me take a picture before you kill it.” He looked at me as if I was crazy as I angled into position and took several pictures. “Okay, “ I said, “Go ahead.” He did-perfect head shot-the thing didn’t make another move. It was about 30” long, large for our native copperheads. I took several more shots, and we went on.

My husband told a man who worked there where the snake was, and he went to collect it. Believe me I didn’t look for near as many mushrooms and wildflowers at the edge of the trail for the rest of the “adventure. When we got back to the registration building, the owner had the snake in a cardboard box.  Someone wanted to skin it and tack it to his shed. Its tail was still moving, although the head was not.  I took another shot with my camera.

We didn’t stop anywhere but a gun store on the way home, but the copperhead gave us plenty to talk about.  I did manage to sneak in a few butterfly shots at the registration building, looking very carefully at where I stepped. What a mother will do to spend time with her son before school starts!


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  1. 1

    russtowne said,

    I’ll bet that snake sure got your adrenaline going! I’m glad your post had a happy ending. Well, for everyone but the snake of course.

    • 2

      beebeesworld said,

      Even though my husband isnt known for his empathy, he said he would not have killed the snake if it had not been on a well traveled trail at the skeet shooting farm. He even got a turtle out of the road (at my insistence) on the way home, but put in by the side of the road by a steep bank that I doubt it could climb-probably went back to the road. I wanted to bring it home and let it out here…but wasn’t asked….I try!

  2. 3

    Love Skeet shooting
    Hate Snakes
    I used to run them over out in Texas
    I know I will pay for randomly killing God’s Creatures but I still do not understand why there has to be so much wildlife that doesn’t run when you see them 😦

    Would rather we all just get along 🙂

    We have what is known as Timber Rattlers not that common though here in New England.
    Then again we have a local store that sells only deadly and poison filled critters then when people no longer want them they dump them in the local ponds like Gators there is not supposed to be a Gator in our local swimming holes 😦

    Where you live things slither a lot

    I had mushrooms from the store tonight in my pasta sauce I won’t go poking about lol

    Ron got stung or bit at a local mountain river and went into shock we still do not know what got him 😦 We went to Maine yesterday and I worried the whole time no fun for me 😦

    Stay Safe


  3. 6

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Keep enjoying nature, and all your good times together with family…

  4. 8

    Gilly Gee said,

    My best friend grew up in North Carolina and has often told me about copperheads but I’ve never seen a photo! We only have adders here in the UK and the venom they have may kill a small child, very frail adult or a dog but they are more likely to run away! You were very brave 🙂

    • 9

      beebeesworld said,

      I have small garter snakes and large black snakes around my house-don’t see them often, but areas right on my valley have copperhead or rattlesnake populations. They are territorial and where there are a lot of non-poisonous snakes, we dont find many poisonous ones. I like to study the non-poisonous ones, but the scary ones, -no thanks! Most snakes will slither off if they hear noise, people get bitten when they surprise them or stick their hands where they cant see them. Several women around here have been bitten by copperheads while weeding their gardens-I need to remember that, even though I e never seen one here1! So you live in GB-I guess my ancestors did as well, most of them-a long time ago. I have never been there, it looks beautiful and the history is fascinating.beebee

  5. 10

    Mayumi-H said,

    Great story, Beebee! 😀 Full of little twists and turns…and when you mentioned wanting to take a photo, I laughed out loud!

  6. 12

    bigsmileu1 said,

    I am honored to nominate you for The Reader Appreciation Award! Please pick-up your award at . Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. I wish you many blessings. Congratulations!!

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