From a Yankee Prison Camp, with Love


My Beloved  Wife:

It is with some hope that I write you today. We have heard rumors that a treaty may be in the works for a prisoner exchange. We have heard this before, but hope gets us through the frigid cold here in this God-forsaken prison camp. You can write me here under my name and rank at Sandusky Bay Officers Prison, Sandusky, Ohio. I image it will take a month or more to receive a card, but please write. Tell my sister that Jeb sends his love to her and the baby. No one else has died this month. I am limited to this page.

With the love of an absent husband,  John



My Dearest John:

It was with great joy that I received your postcard. Papa picked it up on the way home from the cattle market in Atlanta.  I find myself feeling childish, but things are not as favorable here as when you left to join our troops last summer. There are no supplies, no men to do the hard labor, food is scare. I do hope you will soon be released and can return to us here on the farm. Amalie and little Josie send their undying love to Jeb. Maybe you should write me at Papa’s address, as we may all have to go there for our safety and to share what provisions we still have.

With my fondest love,  Elizabeth

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    moorich said,

    When I read the tag to this piece, I thought it was going to be from our GGrandfather/GGGrandfather N.W. Moore from Johnson Island Prison, which is the name by which the Confederate officer prison in Sandusky Bay, Ohio is more generally known.

    What is the background of John and Elizabeth? I love this sort of thing that brings history down to a human level.

    • 2

      beebeesworld said,

      Welll, it WAS about Bon Moore, but I couldnt think of the prisons name, and since I was writing fiction, i guess it was best I didn;t use it. The names are made up, the writing style based on Bon’s letters from cic=vil war and later as a surveyor, I hope I did it justice. It was done for a “post Card” Prompt. I like the prompts, they get my imagination flowing! Thanks for reading Richard-Im gonna write you an email about some family news,,,love ya cuz, brenda


  2. 4

    Gilly Gee said,

    This is very evocative of the era, I could picture her in a long frock and apron trying to scrape together enough food.

  3. 5

    boomiebol said,

    Very well done. Make sure you post it on Karen’s blog :).

  4. 7

    This is wonderful I would love to see you expand on this as I believe it could be quite charming/interesting to see where you can take this!

    • 8

      beebeesworld said,

      It is real Len, my great great grandfather was in the officers prison called Johnson’s Island Prison in Sandusky Bay, Ohio for over 2 yrs. Our family has a letter he sent his wife and some letters he sent later when he was a surveyor. They are so beautifully and eloquently written. It inspired me to use it for the “post card” prompt.One of the later letters advised his so on how to make a successful marriage. I have given copies of it to my kids when they married. Thanks for reading…beebee

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