Grafitti Match

Grafitti Match

On what was once a beautiful overlook near the Blue Ridge Parkway, the rock outcroppings have given way to psychedelic graffiti.This is such a shame, but my young friend make the best of it by blending in with her multicolored outfit!


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    Sandra Bennett said,

    Cool pic !

  2. 5

    I got one like that of my kids the other week. I wish I could post it here to let you see (I don’t normally put pics of them up, but might make an exception) Great photo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 6

      beebeesworld said,

      I try not to id my friends/family by name, but with the pics centering on something besides the person, I may let them in the shot-like you said, it all depends….

      • 7

        Oh, sorry, I hope you didn’t think I was making any kind of criticism…not at all! I just loved the photo and wish I wasn’t so nervous about posting pics of my brood on wordpress so I could show you my similar theme. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 8

        beebeesworld said,

        not at all-showing faces clearly-I try to avoid, but always references to the names of Living people. I have written about my son who passed-and why and how it could be prevented, using his name. It felt a bit unnerving even then.


  3. 9

    Neat pic but I the overlook takes a bit of a beating…

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