Another Snake tale (tail?)


After my adventure with a Copperhead a few weeks ago, this entry is rather benign, but nevertheless, noteworthy. Last night as my husband got the lawnmower out of the garage, he begins shouting, “Come here! Hurry!” Having gone through as many tragedies and accidents as I have, my alarm goes off needlessly.  “Is he hurt? Whats the emergency?”

I shout that I am coming, (as fast as a woman who doesn’t feel well and has a fake hip-joint can) to find that a tiny Ribbon Snake” had crawled out from under the mower. It was about the size of a 4″ long piece of yarn, black with a yellow band on its neck. I appreciate it when he shares creatures he sees with me, because I love to study nature and it is not a hobby of his.

Trying to pick up the tiny, yet quick, creature up from the concrete was a problem, but I managed to get it to crawl up on my hand and into a plastic container. I showed the snake to several grandkids and neighbors, but after looking up the care and feeding of Ribbon Snakes,  I decided I did not want to be  a “snake mom”. Of course, I  already knew it would be best if I let the snake go.

After the snake spent a peaceful night on the enclosed porch, I left it there while taking  my son to the bus stop. Feeling confident that my guest would stay in the container until I got home, I visited my oldest son, whose house is by the bus, stop before returning home. While I was gone, my little guest had found its’ way out of the milk carton. It now lives on my enclosed porch; not a good thing because there is no water and its food of choice, earthworms, do not live there.

This is not the first time I have had a little snake as a guest on my porch after it decided the container was a bit restrictive. Unfortunately, I If I can’t find it, chances are it won’t survive. This is the story of my nature adventures, I suppose. Nothing ever turns out like I expect it to. Hopefully, my little snake will come out or be found and I can let it go, as I intended to do before it got impatient! Updates will follow.


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    B~ my friend I love you to pieces but your fascination with reptiles and insects mystifies me. this city girl was once asked “do you like to go camping and fishing?” My reply “Only at the Hilton where they have room service and a pool I can see the bottom of”. So as much as I admire your ability to pick up snakes etc, I am grateful you can’t bring your “guests” by for me to see. LOL 🙂

  2. 2

    Sandra Bennett said,

    My youngest grandson, an avid fan of reptiles, was given a snake like this one recently….They kept it in an aquarium with a top…Finally they
    also realized that it wouldn’t be that much fun having to deal with earthworms, so they let it go down near the marsh creek. But it was interesting to “own” a snake for a week !!!

  3. 4

    I bet it will turn up or find a way to escape the porch. It’s so cute that your husband comes to get you when he finds a critter. My partner and boys come do that to and I always appreciate it.

  4. 5

    Cute story. We had a snake come to the animal hospital for treatment once, it was so small it was more earthworm than snake. It was to stay with us for a while. Upon next treatment time, we found it had escaped. We never saw it again until 2 months later! It had made it’s way down two stories and was slithering around the basement. It lived. We found it a home. The pet store that had brought it to us wrote it off. Funny.

  5. 7

    Can I just “erky” …I’m not the biggest fan of snakes but I am a fan of people who care for animals.

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