She was running through the woods, the full moon gave every tree a haunting shadow.

“Where was he?” she wondered, as she tried to run on the path so the leaves crunching under her feet could not be heard.

He laughed as he watched her from the river bank. “How silly that she thought he didn’t know where she was.”

She stopped, panting and slid down to the edge of the river bank, cupping her hands in the water to find a little relief for her thirst.

He wasn’t 20 feet way, just behind a rock. A sudden shift in the stones below his feet echoed loudly in the shadows.

She sat up, with a start, in her own bed, in her own safe room. Her heart was thumping inside her.  She noticed her hands were wet, and tried to remember the dream.


13 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Cool! Short and everything is in it

  2. 4

    Sophie Nussle said,

    very atmospheric!

  3. 5

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Wow !!

  4. 7

    Gilly Gee said,

    I find this one fun, not scary, more like a lovers game 🙂

    • 8

      Your are almost right. The Titel Nightmare is giving a direction but when this is a lovestory then it is a bit like my poems: love – the nightmare 🙂
      The Titel speaks against it and the girl or woman gave no hint of relief. Not in the scene or when she woke up…and I never found the ones I loved “silly” when I was after them 🙂 … can you forgive me?

  5. 10

    coville123 said,

    Really good I wanted more!

  6. 12

    russtowne said,

    I especially liked the last line of this powerful piece. Thank you for sharing it!

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