A Few of My Favorite Things


Old photograph books, lamp from a coal miner, jewelry, baby teeth, framed photos


jewelry with hand written notes, pictures of homes from the 1900’s, old coins


My children still smile when they are sick, or sad and I break into song with “My Favorite Things”-a favorite tune from The Sound Of Music. Though girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes and snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes conjure up fond memories from child hood, they are no where near as dear to me as my “favorite things”.

I remind readers that the prompt for this article stated to tell about your “Favorite THING”, not person, however my favorite thing is my collection of genealogy books with old photographs from hundreds of family members, the houses they lived in, the cars they drove, the many small memories that tell the story of their lives.

My maternal grandparents lived into their 90’s and with their help, I was able to identify countless family photos that no one had bothered to label. The tears of thanks, when we were able to tell a cousin that the sepia-toned  photo they had found in the worn pages of the family Bible was that of their grandparents, and the model T in the photo was the family’s first car.

My collection grew over the years as I became known as the family historian. I have hundred of pictures, court documents, copies of Bible pages, letters, school awards, even a lock of hair. I know the whereabouts of many family treasures, such as military documents, uniforms, guns, engraved plates, a piece of jewelry passed down for generations.

I spent hours with my grandparents and other elders , including those of my husband’s family, and learned details of their lives that would have been lost if someone hadn’t cared enough to both ask about them and be willing to share them. One of the greatest honors I have had was when an elderly relative spoke to me with trembling voice and hopeful eyes dimmed by time; “Do you remember Aunt Emily?” and though Aunt Emily died generations before I was born, I could say, “I didn’t know her, but I know a little about her and I just may have her picture in my books.”

I wrote an article called “Legacy” in response to a prompt and felt myself struggling to keep the story to a reasonable length.  In that regard, I will try to simply stress how to create a “favorite thing“ for coming generations. Put a note with Aunt Emily’s necklace that says, “Aunt Emily’s daughter, Irene, gave me this when I got married. Label your pictures and any item  that future generations may hold dear.  A watch in a drawer may bring up questions as to who it belonged to, but a watch in a drawer with a note in your grandfathers handwriting that says it belonged to his grandfather will bring tears to your eyes.

Go ahead a be a pest and ask your elders for their stories.  Most of them long to share them. Take pictures of family groups and label them.. Be willing to copy photos, letters or documents and share them.

My favorite thing is not only the physical possession of the family history items, it is the memory of how I came into possession of them, the conversations we shared, the looks on the faces of someone who may have thought their lives and experiences didn’t matter anymore. My favorite thing is knowing where my family came from, what they endured, what they left for future generations. I have tried to share this treasure with my relatives of all ages, hoping that someone will pick up the sword and continue sharing our story long after my part in it is merely that I treasured it and passed it on.

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  1. 1

    Really like this great write great ideas, beautiful things!

  2. 2

    Gilly Gee said,

    What a treasure of a post 🙂

  3. 4

    Like your article “Lagacy”, the story of you and your ancestors makes me curious…

  4. 6

    free penny press said,

    Our family memories are beautiful no matter the form they are in..
    Lovely post!!

  5. 7

    Sandra Bennett said,

    You’re truly a keeper of the flame, beebee….I treasure my family history as well, and some of it intertwines with yours… : )

  6. 8

    Okay so the big lump in my throat has gone now. beebee this was so beautiful! It makes me so sad that my grandparents left so little behind. I was so very young when they all passed away, and so were they. Not one living past their late 60’s. The Italy trip should open some floodgates I hope.
    Also, a very interesting read you might enjoy – I sure did.


    It sucked me in and I couldn’t stop reading until the very end. So touching I actually dreamed of her last night.

  7. 11

    zouarvehat said,

    You’re a keeper of the flame!

    • 12

      beebeesworld said,

      Thank you, please keep reading my blog. I invite you to follow it and let me know if you have a blog and I will follow as well.beebeesworld


  8. 13

    What an absolutely beautiful, touching and moving post beebee. Family treasures, photos and special mementos from the past are things woven into all of our lives. Your words help remind us all of their importance in our own life and those closest to us. It is a lovely post that has touched my heart deeply. Thank you.

  9. 15

    coville123 said,

    I loved this and it makes me wish I had of asked more from my grandparents about things.Your a really good writer!

  10. 18

    beebeesworld said,

    Thanks to all of you who read and commented on my article “My Favorite Things” I have been so fortunate to have the family that I do. best wishes, beebee

  11. 19

    […] Few of My Favorite Things (beebeesworld.wordpress.com) […]

  12. 21

    […] A Few of My Favorite Things (beebeesworld.wordpress.com) Share this:StumbleUponDiggFacebookTwitterEmailLike this:Like2 bloggers like this. This entry was posted in Love Life, Positive Advice, Posts & Photos 2012 and tagged DPchallenge, encouragement, favorite things, Happiness, inspiration, life, love, Motivation, Musings, postaday, reflections, Story. Bookmark the permalink. ← Haiku: Autumn… […]

  13. 22

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Your endeavers have been so worthwhile and you are passing on treasures for the generations to come !

    • 23

      beebeesworld said,

      Thanks for the compliment,Sandra. Could you tell me how you get comment to post on my email as “Please modify” or “Approve comment” I can’t seem to get the blog to allow me to do this when i want to comment on someone else’s site. of course there is the regular way…but it is frustrating.

  14. 24

    I love old photographs. I would love to spend hours looking at the pictures of my family, most of whom are gone at this point. I am becoming the older generation. I kind of don’t like that.

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