Double Vision

“I am not a person who thinks in abstract.” I told my doctor. “But when I took that new medicine, I felt as if I were in a room filled with smoke.”

“Hmm.” he replied as he adjusted the stethoscope on my chest. “I have never heard of that kind of reaction to this drug before.”

“I couldn’t tell if it was caused by dizziness, or hallucination.” I continued.

“Have you taken any other medications lately?” The doctor sighed, sounding rather bored.

“No, only this one you subscribed yesterday.”  I answered, knowing my heart was now racing. I felt a panic attach coming on.

“Well, Mrs. Jones,” he replied as he swirled around on his stool. “I imagine it is just a case of vertigo-maybe caused by an ear issue.”

“I’m NOT Mrs. Jones.” I replied as I shuffled off the table, my panic attach  now in full gear.


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  1. 1

    boomiebol said,

    Scary….doctor is probably overworked or losing his mind…

  2. 2

    Thanks: I am on the way to Doc in one hour……

  3. 5

    Time for a new doctor!! But check whose medical records this one sends to the new one. 🙂

  4. 6

    Geez…I know doctors are busy but you’d think with all the money they make they could at least pay attention. 😉

  5. 8

    vbholmes said,

    It happens. Best to double check everything before you take medicine or have an operation. Gruesome tales out there. Good story, Beebee.

  6. 9

    I really admire your flash fiction. I’ve never been able to manage it (not well anyway). I love the mood of this one.

  7. 10

    Sandra Bennett said,

    During sick hour I happened to get stuck with a doctor who is oblivious to the fact that patients call him “Doctor Cocky”. My own doctor was not on call for sick hour that day, and I knew I would have been taken seriousy if she had been available…So happens I was checking out symptoms which had kept me awake the night before. He acted as if I’d bothered him as he ran down a list of possible causes of my distress, including cancer, but scolded me for coming in to sick hour
    to learn if I might have cancer…(which I did)…Never again would I see such a cocky doctor, and I have discouraged anyone else who might consider taking him on as a primary care physician !!

  8. 11

    Some of the worst experiences are by Doctors that don’t “listen” makes me angry and I let them know in no uncertain terms what I think and generally post about them so others will stay away. That is so dangerous to even think about what if he had not said the name and given you a perscription that would interact with something you were already taking.

  9. 12

    scary story, I hope you stopped taking that medecine right away !

  10. 13

    Robyn Lee said,

    time for new doctor!! 🙂 great write beebee

  11. 14

    I usually refuse to see anyone but my own doctor unless it’s an emergency. Well written story of a real issue for a lot of us.

  12. 15

    Adam Ickes said,

    The question I’m left with is: Which of them is wrong, the doc or the patient? Perhaps the drug is an antipsychotic that isn’t working?

  13. 16

    rich said,

    forgive me but i’m missing something. does this go with the fairie statue picture or is it an independent piece?

  14. 19

    elmowrites said,

    I’m with Adam here, i wanted to know which one of them was wrong! Frightening story though, either way.
    I’m over here:

  15. 21

    Beebee, you may need a new doctor if this is true. All the best. But then the it could be the effects of the drug. Truly I am at a loss for coherent words.

  16. 22

    coville123 said,

    I agree with Adam to,very scary write more I’d love to read a book that starts that way.

  17. 23

    Oh, how awful. I had this happen once with a hair appointment, but certainly not the doctor. I agree this would be a fabulous beginning to a story.

  18. 25

    In today’s world, one must be careful taking drugs, even those prescribed by doctors. I saw a new doctor this past Weds. who has a reputation for “caring and listening.” He cared and listened.

  19. 26

    My daughter was mistakenly given the diagnosis of a wrong patient. This was terrible for us because the diagnosis was stage 4 uterine cancer! She’s only 20 years old. But I also felt sorry for the patient who must have been given her clean bill of health by mistake and then had to have it retracted and replaced with the cancerous one.

  20. 27

    Subhan Zein said,

    Good story! Enjoyed it.

    Subhan Zein

  21. 28

    TBM said,

    Too many doctors don’t actually listen to their patients.

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