Haunted Memories



haunt me, find me alone, shaking in the sun.

seeing you there in my door way, smiling

and never seeing you walk in that door again.

Six years, six lifetimes, six degrees of hell.

Wondering in the everyday lie and crap

are even worth it anymore-nothing is the same.

No one can ever give like you did, love like you did,

smile like you did. Leaves blow by, taking my soul,

to some unknown place. Are you there?

So tired of people making excuses for God,

He wasn’t here like He said He would be.

No excuse matters,it doesn’t change a thing.

Memories so painful, i can’t even think of it

without another piece of me dying-


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  1. 1

    I know you are not yet ready for this but I have to tell you Brenda that God is there and has always been there. We don’t know why these things happen but he can help you if you just ask him. You know my grief has matched yours with the loss of my child and I hated him too and lost all faith but Brenda He is there for all of us that have suffered. He helped me to get perspective on my grief and now I can be grateful for the 15,134 days I had her here on earth and I can celebrate her life and that she had completed her work here. I am praying for you my friend.

    • 2

      … so you are lucky, that the death of your son or daughter took place not just after 14.157 days, to become part of his ”Masterplan”? Maybe that is the key to true believing. I should see it all more statisical (I’m such a fool! How could I overlook this?)

      – – – –

      God: I’m very sorry my dear. I know you are to simple to understand it. I will explain everything later, you know?

      You: What can I do for you?

      God: I’ll take the life of your child – shush – it is part of THE PLAN!!!

      You: _______________________________
      (fill in what you would like to answer)

      – – – –

      I think all his plans are pretty cool. He just took the wrong Planet or the wrong species to have his experiments with. It seems that he is a bit senile the poor old bragger!

  2. 3

    free penny press said,

    Bebe- we carry grief around us like a cloak because sometimes the sun is too bright for us.. I’m so sorry you are hurting and will continue to pray for your heart to sing again and your face to lift towards the sun.

  3. 4

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Love you…

  4. 5

    journalplace said,

    Amidst the pain of loss is the kernel of a great love so precious it cannot be forgotten,so sweet that it affirms yours is a life with love.

  5. 6

    coville123 said,

    I cannot even imagine your pain or your loss I don’t know how you do it,but keep writing.I’m sorry for your loss.

  6. 7

    zouarvehat said,

    Wonderful poetry!

  7. 8

    It s very poignant ! I wish I could take your pain away or release you somehow. There must an answer for you like I am there with you. I will try to write it for you. With love, Antoine

  8. 9

    I know you’re in pain. But know that your writing does so much good for others. Your poems jolt my system, reminding me to put down the deadline and stresses of the day, and just hug and talk to my son. Thanks for sharing. It’s much appreciated.

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