The Old Carver Place

Everyone had heard of the “Old Carver Place”. Indeed, most everyone knew it was said to be haunted.
My friends and I had always wanted to go there and see why. Halloween seemed like the perfect night.
As if in a script, the wind howled and trees groaned as we headed up the old wagon road.

A light seemed to shine from the attic window revealing the shadow of a woman with a child in her arms.
The window creaked as she pushed it open and looked down at us. “Finally” she sighed. “Someone was kind enough to help us.”


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  1. 4

    Lucid Gypsy said,

    You sent a shiver down my spine!

  2. 10

    Hey thanks for writing about the old homestead! LOL

  3. 11

    Ross Mannell said,

    What better night to test the haunted than on Halloween 🙂 @RossMannell

  4. 13

    Pat said,

    Delightful. Just right.

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