How do I reblog an article?

I would like to reblog an article I wrote previously about an organization that helps save the lives of young athletes. How do I do this?


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    Go to the page that has the story in the upper left it will say beebees world, folowing, like and then reblog just hit reblog it will open a window to ask where to reblog to ifit is another site. If you wnat to repost on your own go to dashboard open, then click on posts, find the one from the list click view it will bring it up right click then control c (to copy) go to blog click new post then click and paste ..hope this helps!

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    Also, if you go to New Post, below the box where you type is an option to Copy Post. You can select the one you want to post again and it will fill everything in exactly like the old post. That way it will come up as a new post (even though they’re identical) instead of a reblog, depending on how you want to do it.

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    Pat said,

    You can also set up Press This. You have that button at the bottom of your blog and so do lots of other people.
    Just press the button on the post you want to link to and a little window will come up for your blog. It doesn’t give the whole post, just the link, which means you have room to comment and say why you would like people to link to it. The link is put in automatically. You can add your own tags and then press Publish as if it were your own blog.
    I quite like this method and use it a lot.
    Hope it helps. 🙂

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