Violin Magic

I know these are Violas, Cellos, or Basses but once my daughter wrote a poem for school where you had to use adjectives as the first word-I can’t find it but will go with that theme.

Inside an aging locker
Beneath my azure sweater
Within an aging case
Cuddled against black velvet
My violin waits-
Anxious to sing it’s tune.


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  1. 1

    Steven S. Walsky said,

    Very nice. Steve

  2. 3

    (Just change “it’s” to “its”.) 🙂


  3. 8

    wmqcolby said,

    Thank-you! Very nice. Ah, music!

  4. 11

    Short but I like the structure leading you to want to know the end

  5. 12

    dmmacilroy said,

    Dear Beebee.

    I am always amazed at how poets such as yourself can transform simple words into beautiful sentences and then into an image, a moment and magic. Well done.



  6. 13

    A german designer (F. Porsche) said: „It is easy to create something complicated, but it is complicated to create something simple“

    This one is simple and wonderful!

    • 14

      beebeesworld said,

      meine Tochter hat einen längeren) mit meiner Hilfe) für die Schule Jahren. Ich konnte es, aber das Foto prompt erinnerte mich an sie. Lesen Sie weiter … beebee

    • 15

      beebeesworld said,

      Fank, My computer completely died-my son in law, an expert has not been able to acess my hard drive-ihe has my new computer trying to find a soluton. This is my sin;s school computer-very restricted,reply to this Violin blog and I MAY BE ABLE TO WRITE BACK-I CANNOT USE EMAL, FACEBOOK ETC. HopefulLy I will be back online soon, i fear I have lost a lot of precious stuff. Write me back here.

      • 16

        Hi BeeBee!

        I’m very sorry that you have so much trouble with your Computer and that perhaps important data is lost. I’ve had a very sad and exhausting week. My daughter is moving to my place this weekend. I hope that I can help her to get a grip to herself again. One day all problems will be over 🙂 I’m looking forward to it with huge joy!!!

        Halt die Ohren steif!

  7. 19

    created with an economy of words, and great images.

  8. 20

    rich said,

    very cute and well done. perceptive.

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