I Still Like my Home Phone & My Smart Phone

Since I have been thrust into the modern age, kicking and screaming, by my kids-from 14-37 years old, I have learned (sort of) to use a “Smart Phone” and such. (Thank you teenager who insisted that “everyone” had one, so I bought one for both of us.)

I still like my home phone-I can lay in bed and talk-not text, not worry about running my battery down, etc. and, thus, relax.

I fully appreciate the convenience and the feeling that I can relax when I am away from home, because my kids can get in touch with me.  I may be in the last generation to use home phones much, but, to me they are still a wonderful tool!


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    I just got rid of my home phone after 30 years last month. It was a financial factor not a techie upgrade reason☺ It was very nice to have one on my bedroom nightstand so I didn’t have to worry about missing an emergency call in the middle of the night because of low battery. Good post!

  2. 2

    Sandra Bennett said,

    I still do not like to text, but occasionally I receive a text message or picture…Guess we’ll be keeping the house phone for now…

  3. 3

    hey you’re not the only one, bee, i’m 42 and still like my home phone so that I pay cheaper…I understand you. Cheers,

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