Fear of Flying


She was shaking like a leaf as she ran to the check-in counter, never having been on an airplane before.

“He’s my brother!” she was thinking. “And we have never met.” The giant aircraft taxied down the runway, pulling up to the hallway-like entrance that would lead her to the plane

She closed her eyes and thought of the picture he had sent, he looked so much like their mother, separated when she had died when they were toddlers.

“No longer an only child,” she smiled, and bravely took that last step from the stairway into the

waiting giant monster.


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  1. 1

    boomiebol said,

    Nicely done Beebee. Hopefully a beautiful reconciliation awaits her. Great take on the prompt

  2. 2

    It would take a lot of courage, I think, to board an aircraft if you were scared of flying. But in this case, hopefully the risk is worth it.

  3. 4

    The story of this woman and her fear of flying, reminded me of a vehicle I call love. I don’t mind to take off, but be afraid where it comes down 🙂 Also it was a perfect description of how I felt, when I saw my brother again after 10 years I found it not necessary to see him. It was all my mistake, but now I am very glad that I boarded that „plane“. I bet the woman in your story will be happy too after the flight.

  4. 5

    Great story. Sorry I;m late. 🙂

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