Flowers in Winter

It has been another mild winter here in the Southern Appalachians. The weather has been fickle-as it always I. Listening to the weather report is a bit like reading your horoscope. Still as I walk through my garden, through yards and fields, I have seen many blooming flowers and budding trees. I am afraid that we are heard for another year of an early spring an a late frost, which often damages some crops beyond repair.

This week, I n clumps of tiny bluets growing in my son’s yard, along with patches of small white flowers. In my own yard I ha e seen a dandelion,yellow crocus and paperwhites in full bloom. shes us when we somehow manage to skip it!My bridal veil bush has swollen buds as do many other early blooming bushes.

I don’t have many strawberries this year, my health prevented me from doing a lot of gardening, but last year, their blossoms were killed by a late frost, along with apple blossoms and many flowering scrubs.

As much as I look forward to spring, I know that mother nature expects us to have winter first and often punished.


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  1. 1

    When you normally have strawberries there? I have no idea what the fruit seasons are like there, although here in Korea they grow strawberries all winter in greenhouses, so strawberry season is in March/April.

  2. 2

    jane tims said,

    Hi. We are under a foot of snow and everything green is fast asleep. But it won’t be long until spring, time moves so fast!! Jane

  3. 3

    hahaha, nature does punish but it also rewards and it gladdens. hello, hope things are well. warm regards… 🙂

  4. 4

    well I have seen the beautiful weather and buds start to swell then got a huge punishment of almost 30 inches of damn snow
    Hope you feel a little better this year

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