Still Together

Every night, I lay my head, upon your pillow, on your bed.

And I a crying, feel like dying…

If I could die, I wish I knew, if I cold really be with you?

You know I’m trying to keep from lying….

I want to know, in the morning, would I be here, you still there?

I if did not wake up in the morning, would I care? I just don’t care.

Without you…

Every time this house is filled with the people you left here,

I feel I’m trying,to keep from dying.

I pretend to care or really feel that it matters that I’m here,

I’m through with crying, I feel like dying.

Where’s my heart, my wicked soul within this world I can’t control?

My soul is dead, my heart is too, they both died when I lost you.

There is a place that I still go, no one but you will ever know.

You are there and I am too, no one else, just me and you.

If we’re both dead and they are right and we are in some other life,

I don’t care, fire or ice, just so we’re here, you and I.

I close my eyes one more time, it’s over, life, it’s over, time.

I run to you, you run to me, just like that last night, it would be.

We’d go around, we’d dance and sing, spirits of a bitter spring,

Together, we will always be, death cannot take you from me.

You are with me, a child, a man, I look at you, you take my hand.

This world is sad, though skies are blue, I only need to be with you.


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    tersiaburger said,

    How beautiful. I too wish I could die. I actually did die when my beautiful child stopped breathing. I still breathe but I don’t live anymore. Everything in me is dead. Hugs and warm wishes.

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