Trouble again

Once again,I am having trouble logging in.  I can not “like” blogs I read, can’t log in as beebeesworld , this happened everyday, sometimes it will finally start working.  Something must me wrong with the connection between my new computer and the wordpress site. I have this problem over and over.  it often takes 30 minutes or more for me to read a blog that has the “post” tab, so that I can try to get help.  It it clears up, the problem starts again in a few days, please, someone with wordpress contacts , help me fix this issue. I am not well and writing for wordpress helps me, i enjoy reading blog, but want t write, respond, like, check my stats as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated! beebeesworld


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    Hi BeeBee, It may not show on your end but your like and comment did show on Christoph Fischer’s site. I was happy to see it there. FYI. Big hug to you, Paulette

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    Try logging on from another computer or try another browser. This can help isolate where the problem is. Browsers especially can be finicky with small aspects of specific sites. Hope it gets fixed soon. Computer problems are frustrating.

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    Lucid Gypsy said,

    I agree with David and have recently changed back to internet explorer for my browser.

  4. 8

    free penny press said,

    Your like showed up on my end… hope you get it resolved 🙂

  5. 9

    vb holmes said,

    Your “like” showed up on my blog as well–hope you get this straightened out, the computer can be so frustrating.

  6. 10

    journalplace said,

    I did recently receive a like from you. Thanks. It may be the computer you are using at the time. When I move from computer to tablet application I find I cannot like some blogs unless I open them.

  7. 11

    Kev said,

    Hi Beebee. I’ve found that having the wordpress “press this” link on my browser really helps and you can opt to keep logged in. It will ask for a log in once in a while, but most the time you are already logged in when you press on the little wordpress notification icon it places at the end of your address bar. Hope this helps.

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