I struggle to live and breathe when I see,

The love that you have for the broken, sad me.

In spite of my pain, you touch me and say,

I love you, my mom,I’m here,It’s OK.

if only you had what you really need.

Your brother alive and the mom I should be.

Hold my hand, my sweet baby, so I won’t slip away.

There’s part of him in you,and both want me to stay.


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  1. 1

    Judy said,

    This is so moving and beautiful, I am crying. With only a few lines you have expressed that horrible part of being a bereaved parent – the god-awful sadness that we’ve disappointed our surviving children. We mourn the loss of their childhood. And the loss of the parent we once were. So much love, but so much sadness!

  2. 3

    beebeesworld said,

    Your thoughts expressed my feelings even better than my own did-the loss of the parent WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN has been so hard on me. I spoke of my sadness of mot being the grandma I had hoped to be, and my daughter said, . “Mom, the grands have never known you any other way, so they don’t MISS who you were they only LOVE who you are!

    • 4

      Judy said,

      There is so much love surrounding you, Brenda. Love is very healing. Sadness and tears are far better expressed than held back. And your loved ones accept you! That is beautiful; hold thos words in your heart.

  3. 5

    Sandra Bennett said,

    You are accomplishing your earthly mission, Brenda…Stay strong and enjoy both the love you give, and the love receive. Wishing you peace, good health, and happiness.

  4. 7

    Dear Brenda, this really moved me too…I really hope that you are healing that part of you by expressing it. I think the whole process of writing is about giving yourself what you need to get through; and it’s worth it when you touch others like you. Always keep writing this, as hard as it is. There’s a beautiful song by Joe Cocker : Let the healing begin. I think it’s time. Much love to you, take care,

    • 8

      beebeesworld said,

      I like the song, appreciate your kindness. Yes, the writing helps, but I dont think the pain will ever end. Pain is about all I feel sometimes. I have to work hard to breathe a moment. YOUR KINDNESS IS APPRECIATED. beebeesworld

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