Sleep- Word a Week prompt

Often sleep is my only relief. I relish the moments when I dream of my child-alive, myself-young, my world-hopeful. Although I find it discouraging to look at sleep as the best part of my day, it sometimes is. No pain, no real bad news, I don’t have to be afraid, things are the way I wish they had been, should have been, I wake with a smile.

Sleep, even in happy times, refreshes me, gives me energy and determination. In difficult times, it gives me a moment of relief, a moment where pain is not a constant, a moment with a friend or loved one who has been taken.

We sleep about 1/3 of our life. It gives us the energy and courage to live the other 2/3. Being able to relax enough to go to sleep is a blessing in its self. And no, my friends, goodnight.


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    I agree that being able to relax enough to go to sleep is a blessing in its self. Paulette

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    well written and expressed ! Enjoy your writing very much!

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    simon7banks said,

    True – and dreams can often help us get over blockages. One interesting point your post reminded me of – in my dreams, I have no age. That is, an outsider gaining access to the dream might be able to tell that I was male, white, adult, educated, possessing all four limbs, but have no idea of my age beyond that I was fully grown. I can be conscious in a dream of parts of my education, or my interests, or employment history, or personal relationships, and I’ve had dreams of being in Africa (when I actually was in Africa) when I was conscious of my skin colour, as well as being conscious in a dream visit to China that I looked completely different from the locals, but I don’t seem to have an identifiable age there, right or wrong.

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