Lilith Watching


School was out for the summer at last. Families toured  the bird reserve.

Everyone seemed happy, except poor Lillith, neatly spinning her web on a high post that she hoped would be out of the view of visitors who may not like her. She was beautiful, a young Black and Yellow Argiope (some called her a garden spider). She was useful, she dined on insects that humans did not admire.

The sun was setting, she had caught five meals, and was ready to settle down for the night.

“Goodnight, Lillith” I whispered. ” I will check on you tomorrow.”


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  1. 1

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Tiny corner of the world…but still important…Thanks for giving us a view
    of “her” life that we might otherwise have missed…

  2. 2

    Lucid Gypsy said,

    Oh I love it! 🙂

  3. 3

    sachemspeaks said,

    Thank you for this, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
    Lilith, as with the rest of creation has just as much right to Mother Earth as I have

  4. 5

    Blue Jeans and Chocolate said,

    I have never felt so endeared to a spider before reading this sweet little snipit. I really wanted to know more about this busy little Lilith, and spend more time watching her in her world. Thank you for that. Also I’m wondering how you decided on the name “Lilith”?

    • 6

      beebeesworld said,

      Lillith is sometimes refereed to the
      evil one who tempted Eve in the Bible-I dont know, I just like it-it has a ring of mystery and intrigue to it….beebee

      • 7

        Blue Jeans and Chocolate said,

        I agree, there is an aire of mystry to her name… especially when given to a spider. =0) I’m Jewish, and was taught a different view of Lilith as being Adams first wife who refused to submit, so G-d removed her and gave him Eve. =0D

      • 8

        beebeesworld said,

        Perhaps that is where I got the story-I couldn’t quite remember. Thanks for reminding me1 Thanks for reading my bog as well. beebee

    • 9

      Hi @ Blue Jeans…what you have written about Adams first wife named „Lilith“ is very interesting to me! Do you know – or can you help me to find it written down in german somehow?
      If you can read german try:
      Search for Luzifer and you will find my own story of creation.
      – – – – –
      Hi Brenda! I don’t know why spiders are so „special“ in any persons life. Bugs are not, flies are not…Spiders are…S P I D E R S!
      I have a little jumping spider in my kitchen and me and her do fine together, but bigger spiders are so much S P I D E R Y!
      – – – – –
      Help me to learn 🙂

      • 10

        Blue Jeans and Chocolate said,

        Hi Der Silbenschmied. Perhaps it is viewing spiders in thier own natural habbitat rather than within our own dwellings that makes them seem ‘special’. ;0)

        As far as Adam having a first wife… I don’t really believe this, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who actually does. But it is a part of Jewish folklore– although surprisingly, these days there aren’t many people who still even know anything about this story anymore.

        Here’s a link, and you can find others online as well:

      • 11

        Hello BJ & C 🙂

        Thanks for your answer. I will visit the link you sent. Almost anybody knows about Adam & Eve where I live. It is taught in school. But you are right: Nobody believes it. I’ve had a lot to do with the stories in the bible and the tales about evolution, too. Both stories are not much worth to believe in.

      • 12

        beebeesworld said,

        Frank my computer is not sending messages-I have written 3 times did you get this one?

  5. 13

    you have a kind and sensitive heart…you are so observing of nature,,,and give honor to the garden spider…

    • 14

      beebeesworld said,

      I study insects, spiders, amphibians,mantises, butterflies, crows, what ever creatures avail themselves. The argiope is one of my favorites. I just love to watch them spin their orb webs and they are so BIG by autumn! thanks for reading. beebee

  6. 15

    Interesting what you said about Lilith and Eve. I thought this piece was quite gentle but that adds a darker edge to it which is subtly done

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