The Ballerina Clock

The Ballerina Clock

I don’t usually go in for garage sales, but something about the hand painted sign attracted me. I pulled into the long dirt drive lined with cars, and headed toward the door of the 1960’s rancher,wondering what was drawing me to this house.

At first, it was just the usual, nick-naks, old clothes, furniture, books, a few silver vases, photographs. Then I saw it! A ballerina clock, like my aunt had once had. It was beautiful. I had missed it at my aunts sale when I had to go change a diaper. I know she would have wanted me to have it-I should have just taken it at the family preview, but I didn’t.

The clock was about 15 inches high. It had a windup on the bottom and played “Fur Elise”. I had wanted it for my daughters so badly! A ballerina came out a door and danced to the song when the clock was wound up. I truly thought it was one of a kind.

Of course, I will never know if this ballerina clock was my aunts, I doubt it. But it was now mine!

I carefully placed the clock, wrapped in old newspapers into a cardboard box and sat it gently in my car’s trunk. I couldn’t wait to finally give it to my daughter!


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  1. 1

    lexiesnana said,

    That is wonderful!

  2. 2

    Sweet story !Very nice…

  3. 3

    Very beautiful heart story…I am sure your thought is carried along with the lovely gift you selected for your daughters…does it also play “Fur Elise”??? I love that song too!

    • 4

      beebeesworld said,

      I really did miss getting my aunts clock at her estate sale. I never got another one. It did not play “Fur Elise” but I have a music box that does-such is “fiction” thanks for reading. beebee

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