Stones and Flowers (a poem)


A few weeks ago I put the audio of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” on my blog. Today, thought the title is much the same, the topic is very different. This one is personal. I hope it touches you as s much as it did me. I wrote it with my father standing with me as we cleaned the kitchen after our big Sunday dinner. To me, the meaning is so prophetic. I was fighting tears as I tried to read it to my dad, who doesn’t hear well. To those who Know: I hope this means something to you. To those who do ot,I hope you never have to understand what each Sunday feels like to me.

The Sound AND Silence

In the sun upon the hill,

among the stones, among the flowers.

There upon a towel, soft,

I will sleep with him for hours.

Gone now, is that Sunday morn,

I wash and cook and clean so long.

Four generations eat with me,

I find my strength is simply gone.

I hear grandchildren laugh and play

by then my body’s racked with pain.

I feel so thankful that they’re here.

I swear that I’ll do it again.

They wave goodbye, and turn from me,

As I close that old back door.

I find that I can hardly see,

Tears are puddling on my floor.

I know inside, that he should be,

Here with us, but soon, I’ll be,

Back to those flowers and the stones

And lay to rest, just him and me.


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  1. 1

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Beautifully written, and so very meaningful… Your sadness seeps into me…

  2. 2

    nutsfortreasure said,

    Beautiful work Brenda

  3. 3

    Beautiful words, Bebe. Holding you in my heart. Paulette

  4. 4

    russtowne said,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation with us, beebee. Know that you are in my thoughts and I’m deeply saddened by your terrible loss, my friend.

  5. 5

    Robyn Lee said,

    In my heart Beebee. Your words are very beautiful. Stay strong — and love… RL

  6. 6

    SwittersB said,

    Very heart wrenching yet such mother’s love and beautiful courage. Bless you BeeBee.

  7. 7

    bert0001 said,

    I wrote down my feelings, when the grandchild of a good friend died, just one year ago. Deep inside, another child, died on a new years eve, when I was only ten. I cannot imagine what I’d feel i’d lose my own child. I’m so sorry.

  8. 8

    This one is profound! When I am lucky, I am with my kids – no generations the way it is meant here I do know. Single persons: yes; A whole family; hardly!

    – – – – –

    You wrote it together with your father!? I am impressed. I hope that my son will write something together with me one day. Or my daughter – she is so very talented.
    I wish to be the first dad for a few generations that may form some kind of family somehow. Why? I found a template here in your texts.

    I thank you for that!

  9. 9

    Enigma said,

    There’s a fog along the horizon,
    a strange glow in the sky
    and nobody seems to know where you go
    and what does it mean,
    oh, is it a dream…

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