Bears Exploring the yard

Bears Exploring the yard

We have a lot of black bears, but it isn’t always easy to get your camera and take their picture when they tend to stay close to the woods.


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    jane tims said,

    Hi. Looks like a mother and her two cubs. We saw a bear family here last week. The cubs were very roly-poly. Jane

  2. 2

    Bears and an invitation on the same day. Coincidence? Thank you.—Bear

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      beebeesworld said,

      looks that way! We see a lot of bears around here in NC mountains now that the rich people have built their mansions all over the bears habitats-wild turkeys everywhere, coyotes, animals we never saw here at home when I Was a kid. I wish all the people who werent from here would go back home-thats mean, but they ruin it for those of us who have been here since the 1780’s. I feel like the native americans do/did-this is OUR country. My kids can barely afford to live here bcause the wealthy have driven prices and taxes up so high-its not right.

      Sorry to fuss. I hope to continue to enjoy your blog! beebeesworld

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        Last time I was home (passed nearby a couple of times) was when the Blue Ridge Parkway was being put in, cutting right through farms, homes, pasture, streams and mountains. And the Tennessee Valley company bought all the water rights (or stole them) before WWII and rearranged the landscape. Fannin County, Georgia, right across the line from you. I do know what you are talking about. I have visited via Google Earth, and looked at real estate. We descendants of the black sheep (my Mother)don’t, but the other side of the family does still have property and homes all through there. I best hush. There is no condensed version of the subjects this reply has touched on. Sigh.

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    russtowne said,


    Sorry to hear about the earlier settlers getting squeezed out, though.


  4. 7

    Sandra Bennett said,

    A little scary, but still cool !

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