TO wordpress editors:

WordPress editors:

Every time I check into my wordpress site, it tells me I do not have the right pass word.  I went through this months ago, finally changed it, asked to save i, but it still makes me look it up and put it back in every time.  What can I do o get wordpress to remember my password? Thanks. beebeesworld


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    try typing in wordpress support in search bar, when there look for “new” login page click go there and sign in when the box comes up be sure to check the box in lower left corner that says ‘remember me’ hope this helps Love and hugs (((xx)))

    • 2

      beebeesworld said,

      I do check it, it doesnt remember me-computers hate me-you know this, right? beebee

      • 3

        yep sure do mine hasn’t let me post a photo or an award in my sidebar in forever…get the same instruction everytime from wp they are afraid to take resposibility for theor glitch anddlike to tell me how wrong I am for not making it work. HA!

  2. 4

    We are asked two or three times to put the datas when we´re going to do a coment in a lot of sites,
    We think that WordPress is looking for money and want to get bored people, same did microsft several years before…

  3. 5

    hhmm, i feel your pain, WP is not letting me ‘like’ or comment from my pc, everytime asking for an email and password, that it then, DOES NOT ACCEPT. it’s pretty frustrating….

  4. 6

    This problem might be solved by a little „work around“
    Does your browser or Windows allow you to save pass words for different web-pages?
    I don’t know windows and/or the explorer or firefox and the like, but I am sure that there is something similar to the OSX (Macintosh’s) „key-chain“ is offered. You americans would call it set of keys, well?

    Try to install the latest Version of Java-script. They like to bugger about with their dashboard – so that may need to have a kick.

    The latest version of Java is version 6. The download is free and easy to do. You will find it here:

    I hope that this will help you!

  5. 7

    Lots of problems of late with wordpress 🙂 I let my computer save it till I change it and I do that every time I delete history, cache, cookies 🙂 no free lunches here 🙂

  6. 8

    simon7banks said,

    No recent problems for me, unless you count that it routinely asks me for username or e-mail address when I want to comment, but does not seem to recognise the e-mail address (so OK, I use the username).

    Some time ago I and some other users had a problem of comments on other wordpress sites not registering: this was down to new security systems at their end and was sorted quickly through contacting the security people (they had to do something individually for each user being blocked).

  7. 10

    Enigma said,

    Also more than 30% of sites give positive with troyans even photos,,..

  8. 11

    Enigma said,

    I think they´re colecting data from people, datas became money,,,

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