Irish Colleen

It had been an exhausting trip for Colleen, but, finally she was at the front of the pub that had belonged to her family in England for over 150 years. Colleen, having been born in Georgia, in the United States had heard of this place since she was a child, sitting on her Grandpa’s knee.

Her Grandpa had always called her his, “Irish Colleen”, with her flowing red tresses. Suddenly, it felt real, she WAS that “Irish Colleen”.

“Colleen!” a voice shouted. She looked ahead in astonishment. Her cousin, Siobahn, was her mirror image! Grandpa was right! Irish genes were strong!

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  1. 1

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Yes, they are !!!

  2. 2

    Like the beer they brew! I like it very much.

    • 3

      beebeesworld said,

      I tried to send you an answer on But I can’t read what some of the instructions say. When I start a new letter, it will have my name first, then ask a question. I put in your silbenschmiede address and it asked another question. I pushed “sendin” and I think it did-let me know. my computer is stopping every few letters. it is so annoying. Brenda

  3. 4

    So true. I just went”Back to home Ireland”, although it technically was my first trip. I am 3/4’s Irish and my soul always cried out to stand on Irish soil and meet my Irish family. I wasn’t disappointed I was fulfilled. It was a fairy tale come true.
    You have a great blog.

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