Dragon’s Tail

“Oh, my God!” screamed Sarah as she clung tightly to the back of Joey’s leather Jacket.. He couldn’t hear her. It was just a noise to him, with his black , flame covered helmet and new Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He was rushing down the famous “Dragon’s Tail” road in extreme western North Carolina that has 11 miles with over 318 curves.

It is one of the most popular roads in the country for motorcyclist. A lot of them don’t make it down, some get hurt a few killed. A photographer has even made an enterprise of the horrifying curvy road. He takes photos in one of the worst curves, and sells them to the riders(if they survive.)

Her heart was racing as they rounded the last curve. Tears rolled down her crimson cheeks. Joey was laughing-LAUGHING! That Sob had nearly killed her, scared her to death and he thought it was funny. She’d show him another meaning of “road” Hit it!

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    Sounds like Joey should have taken this ride alone.

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      beebeesworld said,

      Dragons tail is famous where I live in the NC Mtns. My husband has a Harley, which I hate, and I saw a TV program the other day on the dragons tail, so the Road prompts reminded me of it. There is no way in hell Im gettin on that thing on flat ground , much less the Dragon’s tail! Thanks..and from the sponsor of the prompt! beebeesworld

  2. 3

    A well described post. I could see my Sarah in my mind’s eye. It’s unfortunate that many riders choose to ride the Dragons tail at high speeds and low skills. It’s one of the reasons that my wife and I refuse to ride there.

    Thanks for the post!

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