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The Beauty and the Truth

They anxiously took a seat at one of the rather luxurious tables on the ferry. Feeling humbled, the listened to the announcer on the television screens mounted all around telling about the battles that had taken place at the Civil War fort that they could see ahead as they traveled across the bay.

 Copyright - Ted Strutz

It seemed irreverent, a bit foreboding, to ride, in luxury, to a place where hundred died and the history of a nation changed. She grasped the family history book that told of her ancestors’ death at this fort, then wiped a tear and traveled on.


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The Trivial ( but Filled with Love) Item I Would Desire

Money could not buy back what I have lost-my son, my health, so much more, so I will go trivial. I have 2 Model A’s that I bought from my elderly uncle. One is is my son’s garage and one is under a carport at a rental house I am fixing up. My son, who claims them-(but he has to wait for me to kick it) takes care of them a best he can,but I need a garage to keep them in, like my uncle had SO much. It means a lot to me to keep these cars my uncle gave me safe and let my grand kids have them one day.

 So that will be my simple wish, a garage for my 2 Model A’s (Named Misty  Model A ” the ’29 Coupe” and Midnite Model A ” the ’30 full body black car) that my uncle pickedImage up cans and bottles from the side of the road to buy when he first got them!


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What Matters Most


They hadn’t seen the little stream flooded like that in decades! Eight-year-old Johnny brought his little brother out to the edge of the stream to see the roaring of the muddy water.

“Wow!” shouted little Bobby, as he gazed at the roaring stream . “What happened?” Bobby’s little face gazed at the boiling, debris-filled water.


“It’s a flood,” Johnny explained, walking down the edge of the creek, observing the shaking of the shrubs being torn from the banks, as they slid away as the water overpowered the banks, now slick and muddy from the power of the rumbling water.


Suddenly, Bobby broke away and ran down to the edge of the bridge.


“Bobby, come back, the bank might collapse!” Johnny cried.


“No! He cried. The bank was sliding away, carrying Bobby with it.


With his last bit of strength, Johnny grabbed Bobby’s’ belt as he clung to a bush with his other hand. He plucked his little brother from the deluge, carrying him back to the trailer on the hillside where they lived.


“Oh my God!” cried their mother as she ran down the rotting steps. “What in the world happened.”


Tears were running down Johnny’s face as his mom held Bobby tightly in her arms. Johnny was lost for words, all he could say as he sat breathlessly on the steps was, “The bank collapsed, I couldn’t get him!”


“No, baby, their mom smiled, you DID get him, you are the bravest boy I know!”


They were all crying now, dirty and cold as they sat there watching the rushing water carry away the bush that Johnny had been holding onto.


Suddenly, nothing else mattered, the rusted trailer, the old red truck, daddy loosing his job. They had each other. Mother carried little Bobby in to his father, as he sat with his head down on the tattered couch.


For the first time in weeks, Daddy smiled. He knew everything would be alright.


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Paying it Forward

The snow was blowing fiercely across the parking lot. Three little children in boots and coats trailed, holding hands beside their mom. They struggled to the car from Goodwill as their mom searched for her keys.

Beside her, walked a well dressed lady, opening the door to her new car. “Do you need some help?” said the lady.

“No, but thanks.” said the young mom, as she felt the lady folding a large roll of cash into her glove.

“Oh, thank you!” said the young mom. “No, THANK YOU, said the lady as she walked away with gratitude inside her.

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Your Inner Soul

 Vintage Music Paper Butterflies

My love, It seems I have known you forever.

I smile as I imagine that I can read your thoughts.

Who else could pick that special jewelry,

Your favorite color or dessert,

The outfit you would pick from your closet,

to catch a second glances at an important party?

Would it be daffodils or autumn leaves,

Soaring mountains or the roar of waves,

that made your heart leap in joy?

There is but one thing I am desperate for,

My love, that you have kept secret.

So please give me, finally-man of my dreams,

a glimpse inside your inner soul.

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Three times a Beauty!

“This picture is beautiful!” she told him as they stood by the beautiful seashore. “Like you,” he said. In bright the moonlight , he knelt on one knee, “You are beautiful.” he said. “Marry me.”

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I felt chapped and burned all over, though the clouds were dark and threatening that cold winter day.

He ran down from the stunted trees, to the dock, where I waited in the boat as it rocked in the shallows of the sound. There on the the boat, he kissed my cheek. “You’re alive!” he cried out. As the schooner slipped below the waves, I grasped his hand and cried. I remember the horror of that day, not because of the warmth of the land, or the lovely clusters of palms, but because of the fierceness of the burning sands.

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Storm of the Century

We had watched the weather channel for days, awaiting the storm that was predicted to hit on New Years Eve. I started home from the store, with the wind picking up. I knew the storm was on the way. I hurried up the steep mountain road, hoping to beat the beginning of the snow. The kids were both home, I felt tears on my cheek.

The television was still on the Weather Channel, predicting “The Storm of the Century.” The kids, 14, and 17, were excited, as they looked out side. I was not so exuberant. We we were alone and I didn’t have a four-wheel drive. I would be stuck up here for days. I knew the electricity would likely go out and we had only a fireplace and a portable radio for comfort.

 I went down into the basement to get some wood to start a fire. Gathering the wood, I raced back up thee stairs, wanting to get the fire started before the winds got too fierce and we lost power.

 “Mom,” My daughter yelled, it’s snowing like crazy!” The excitement in her voice echoed down the hall.

 Sure enough, the air as filled with huge flakes of snow, already sticking to the ground. I rushed to get newspapers for kindling, and ran to the kitchen for matches. My son lit a candle in each of the main rooms, so that we would not be left in darkness. I was proud of how prepared we were.

 Suddenly, I thought of our elderly neighbor, Mr. Carter, who lived down the hill around a steep curve. He didn’t have a generator and was not able to contend with making a fire or cooking. We had to go get him!

 I yelled at the kids that we had to go find Mr. Carter. It was already dark outside by the time we got ready to go. We loaded up a wagon, in case he couldn’t walk up the hill and started down the road, streetlights still glowing in the snow and stiff wind.

 The wind took on a loud roar as we shivered in the blowing snow. I thought I heard a faint voice in the wind. “Oh, no!” I thought. “Mr. Carter had started up to our house own his own.’

 “Mr. Carter!” I called back. “Don’t go anywhere, we are on our way!”

 I heard a weak voice near where his long driveway started. “I’ve fallen.” he cried out. I think I hurt my leg!”

 Suddenly, the lights went out. We could see nothing in the swirling snow. I shouted out, hoping to hear his voice against the power of the wind. “Mr. Carter!” I cried out. “Can you hear me?”

 Nothing. The forest was silent between whirls of snow and crackling limbs. “Mr. Cater, can you hear me?” I shouted again. The snow fell on as we wandered in the dark, now on a desperate search.

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A Night to Remember ( Erotic Prompt)

I dig deep into my soul to remember

what it was like to feel your arousal

for that first delicious time-the desperate need inside me.

Forbidden places I can go as I sleep, real for now,

I let myself become lost in desire.

Without those moments, I think I would die.

Perhaps you are real, we may have never met,

I think of your silky shirt, my hands unbuttoning…

Your hands exploring the depths of my dress.

Letting go, if only for a while, magically erasing

everything, everyone, but you and I and passion.

OhMyGod, I am melting, yet frozen in the heat.

It is though time has stopped, suddenly, we lie, exploring,

hot breath on the chill of intensity,

one body, one soul, one purpose-pleasure, escape.

In the dark, I explore you with my fingers,

my curls winding around your face,

the coarseness of your beard making me shiver.

Within my soul I know, I KNOW

this moment will live forever, a rush of erotic fervor

I will close my eyes and you’re there-stay,stay…

There is nothing but swelter between us.

We glide to ecstasy completely, unbelievably, perfectly.

Just for now, we own our world, we rule our souls.

Years from now, this night will live within me.

The knowledge that I can let go, live, trust, believe

You and I know each other-close our eyes and dream.

To be there once is heaven, to return is magic.

Finding a space that transcends words, time, the ages,

Your touch and mine intertwined, for this night, forever…

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Interview with the Modern-day Teen

04290005This interview is with my teen son, a computer geek and my best friend!

What is your favorite subject in school and why?

Son- “Probably Civics, because it is interesting to learn how our country was formed and the changes it has gone through in only 200 years.

What is your favorite video game and why?

Son- “Minecraft- because it is to easy to customize. It is never-ending, you can customize, design, even create animations for it. There is always something new you can add. It doesn’t have “levels’ and such like old video games had.”

Who is the person you admire most in business? Why?

Son: “Steve Jobs, because no matter how many struggles he went through, he always kept going, never let himself feel defeated, even in death.”

Who is your favorite music group?

Son: “That’s very hard-I’d say it is a music distributor called Proximity. They distribute smaller artist and helped them gain popularity.”

What are your ambitions for the next five years?

Son: “I’d like to learn to code all kinds of computer programs and create animations using all kinds of programs.”

How do you plan to use these things to make a career for yourself?

Son: “I plan on going to go to college for Computer Engineering and I hope to create animations for a side job.”

Do you get along well with your siblings?

Son: “ Yes, we connect, have fun, socialize. I am the youngest, so I learn a lot from them.”

Do you get along well with your peers? Older people/ Little kids?

Son: “Peers-yes, we don’t disrespect each other, we find ways to socialize and help each other.”

“ Older people-yes, because the have experience and are a great source of knowledge. I love to hear their life stories.”

“Little kids-most of the time, I can find ways to mess with them, play with them. I have little nephews and nieces I have had to learn to entertain them and laugh at the way they see things and express themselves.”

What do do think our societies main issues should be right now?

Son: “Figuring out a way for Republicans and Democrats to agree on something and stop acting like preschoolers.”

Thanks for being my volunteer!

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