Too Old for Grandpa Santa

The real white beard should help his perfect “Santa Suit”. Adding a little coal dust, he headed to the chimney.

“Oh, Grandpa,” she laughed “Don’t you know I am 12 years old?”


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  1. 1

    J. Milburn said,

    She…she doesn’t look twelve. Kids today, they grow so fast. Nice little bit of fun!

  2. 3

    Ajaytao2010 said,

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  3. 5

    The picture is kinda cute. Ucan never be too old for santa:)Not to mention the cookies and milk my dad used to polish which I kept for the santa,and he always said the same.

  4. 6

    Damn Christmas.
    While much of humanity dies of hunger and there escaces an underworld of false beliefs with blood stained hands that long ago surrendered to the devil in exchange for wealth and power, forming this scourge churches that encourage and bless the murders, flags, inquisitions, wars, armies and weapons by becoming unclean and disgusting as murderers, their mission is to destroy the goodness of the universe .. Of course they chose special days and commercially for many thousands of disguising themselves idols of saints were seized and sold the most sacred offending the only living God. This prostitution of truth has made today’s Christianity has deservedly earned the title of Babylon the Great, the mother of all Harlots.

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