An Ocean of Trees

Somewhere in the shadows of his dreams, the young man drifted in and out of the haze. Trees seemed to be every where, he looked around and everything looked the same. Here and there a branch would be different or a limb wold be broken off, but nothing in the real world went on and on without variation!

The, within his dream world, he thought of the ocean, how it went on and on, the waves crashing, the winds pounding, shells sprinkled about. There were a few things that went on and on without variety. But what did it mean? What was the purpose of this dreams.

Within the mist of dreamworld, he recalled what he had been thinking of as he went to sleep. What would I like to be when I am grown, what do I love? He thought of hikes he had been on, the whispers of the forest, the gentle breaks in its continuity. Its peace, the way it drew him back, time after time.

Suddenly, his eyes opened- “An OCEAN of trees!” the forest was like the ocean, simply a different entity. It went on and on, it was tranquil, yet mysterious. Forestry, that’s what it was, he would study forestry! Somewhere in that never ending topic, he would find himself. His eyes softly closed again.

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  1. 1

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Forests are so peaceful and relaxing, but there is a definite need for the study and care of this precious resource.

  2. 2

    vicbriggs said,

    Like taking a walk early in the morning…

  3. 3

    Cameron said,

    I really like the idea of a an ocean of trees finding its protector in a dream.

  4. 4

    Lyssa Medana said,

    That is such a peaceful story. Thank you for sharing LM x

  5. 5

    Wisper said,

    I like this. I could see expanding more. Is he in college? Is this from medieval times? How does the dream work or is it just a normal dream that came to mean something more?

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