Baby Boomer Barrier


Barriers-the story of my life. It seems that the harder I work, the more perseverance I put into something, the less likely I am to achieve my goals to my satisfaction. Since the prompt ask for last week, I must say that the frustration I have with getting my computer to work has to top the list.

 I often ask people to help me find a “wordpress 101”, but find it difficult to understand if I do have a chance and often with my back and hip problems, have to limit my time on the computer. I won’t forget to mention that my computers do not like me. I pay a good price for them and yet I have had three completely crash in the past three years, one to the point where my hard drive could not be saved.

I had failed to back up everything-it is more difficult that just pushing “save”, and lost a years work.

Computers are to people who grew up in the days of electric typewriters are a night mare. My 15-year-old son wants to make a career of computer technology and was raised on today’s electronic whirlwind. It is very discouraging. If I ever get to the point where I can enjoy my creativity rather that agonize over my frustration with computers, that will be a good week!

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  1. 1

    journalplace said,

    Do you remember the first time you used a computer? Might make a nice post.

  2. 2

    ArtLark said,

    Great picture! And we do understand your frustration with computers. Unfortunately, they do break sometimes 😦

  3. 3

    Lindy Lee said,

    It is a little humiliating to have a 10-yr-old explain how to get Firefox back into your dock on the desktop. It’s kind of like waiting at a stand still on the freeway, wondering what the hold up is, then suddenly the traffic begins to move & you never find out what the problem was. Can relate to your computer frustrations. What brand of computer do you use? Apple serves me well but I’m always begging for help from my son…

  4. 4

    Right there with ya, girl ♥

  5. 5

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Amen……(cute picture)…

  6. 7

    SwittersB said,

    Cute! And true. I fear it going to get worse. My Mom-in-law is clueless to the most elementary use of a computer. Soon, I fear, I will equally clueless. I feel that way about WP. The inner workings and advice are often beyond me so I give up learning the more refined techniques and of course technology races along.

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