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The dark, cold, loneliness of rejection still fills my soul. A part of me will always be dead. Over thirty years later, reading your obituary still brought tears of rejection to my eyes.

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    So sad. Thanks for sharing. Don’t forget to come back and vote!

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    Isn’t it amazing how the heart won’t let go?

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      beebeesworld said,

      Sometimes a prompt will bring a random thought into my head and it become one of my favorite works. I just take a little bit of “prompting” sometimes, I suppose. beebeesworld

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    jannatwrites said,

    This is so sad. We think time heals, but sometimes it doesn’t.

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    Draug419 said,

    This is quite sad.

  5. 8

    Sadness lingers.. great write

  6. 9

    Momo said,

    Tears of rejection after all those years. Deeply sad.

  7. 10

    While we can learn to live with loss and death, the *unfairness* of any death we find untimely never fades. I know you know this better than most. I’m grateful when I see posts from you that show you still know how to truly live, too, for after all, losing *you* would create yet another wound in the world where you belong.

    At least, I find there’s something surprisingly comforting in writing obits, if that doesn’t just sound weird. 🙂

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