The Desire to Live


The warmth of the sun propelled me towards my garden.

All winter, I had agonized over whether to even have one.


But the sun got to me, the 60 degree weather and out I went.

The grapevine needed to be moved-NOW. I didn’t know,


The roots were 6 feet long on three sides-what had I done?

I dug a hole for what I thought would hold the vine.


I dug up half my flower garden trying to save roots.

I replanted daffodils, some with buds, and stomped other plants.


They were trying desperately to peek above ground,

after a cold winter with a big snow only a week ago.


Spring does crazy things to me, It makes me think I am young.

I am strong-the girl in blue jeans and peasant shirts.


Then, a few hours later, I am struggling to make it to the house.

By July, all hope is gone, it seems. September brings a valiant cleanup.


Spring and gardens do something to me that I desperately need.

Somehow, we both have an unquenchable desire to live.


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  1. 1

    SwittersB said,

    Oh that back and the back of the legs!!!! I need to sit down!

  2. 2

    Sandra Bennett said,

    Yes, we do !

  3. 3

    it thrills me at how beautiful weather can lite a fire driving my gardening passions through the roof!
    love your story and how is illustrates this and the excitement of spring!!

    • 4

      beebeesworld said,

      Thank you! I am not in good health and saturday, I was trying to move a grapevine that I had planted in a bad place several yers ago and ran into roots over 6 feet long growing in three directions. It was a difficult job to move and re-plant it-I imagine the bears will eat the grapes anyway-if it lives. Plus I tore up and had to repair half my garden! I think sometimes my will to have a garden goes beyond my ability to carry it out. beebeesworld

  4. 5

    this is beautiful… hello, ms. beebees. hope you are growing like the plants. happy 2014! 🙂 ~ san

  5. 8

    nutsfortreasure said,

    Me too can’t wait for the ice to melt AGAIN 🙂

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