The Ephermals of an Appalachian Forest in Spring

Look outside, All my 70’s hippie friends and see what has happened to our world. I honestly expected more people who shared my feelings of sadness over the way our world is being ruined….


As a teen, I often wandered in the forest and grassland of my grandparents pasture. The sight of the ephemeral flowers of spring always brought me great joy. It seems one dy, in late February, I would notice a tiny Spring beauty growing below the deciduous tress deep in the woods. Then there wold be another and another. I would round a curve on an old logging road and discover a bank filled with Bloodroot. I felt as though I had found a treasure, as all ephemeral rise up, bloom and disappear within a few weeks, before the leaves are much more that a pale green bud.

There are “arguments” among locals as to which wild flowers of early spring really qualify as ephemeral-meaning flowers that appear, bloom, fertilized each other (sometimes themselves) and disappear within a very short time. I never really cared. I knew which ones fit that…

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    I am a hippies at heart and am sickened by what has happened to my world 😦

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    cttbbelliott said,

    BeeBee, check out my post that I am just about to put up of my Spring-like guest bedroom. You’ll want to stay in there when you see it, Miss Springtime………..

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