CSI Lesson-Clean Your Shoes

CSI Lesson- Clean Your Shoes





It was a beautiful cabin. Carrie had dreamed of owning a cabin like this one in the Ozarks since she was a child. Nearby, a stream danced along among trees laced in Autumn’s finest colors, aster swayed in the breeze


She had seen the business card of a moving company pinned to the bulletin board inside a Quick Shop, and asked the store owner if he knew anything about the company. “ Yep, said the owner, know them well. They are good guys, so far as I know.”


The phone was answered by a man named Jeff Morris, He told Carrie that he and his brother, Marcus had a small moving van and could do the job for her in two days. Their price seemed reasonable, and though she was disappointed to have to wait two days for the move, it wasn’t unexpected.


Carrie walked up to the cabin, unlocked the door and inhaled the fragrant scent of new pine. She sat rocker and watched the trees dance outside the window. Sipping a glass of tea, her cat, Freckles jumped in her lap.


She had brought a few things with her while the house was being working on and decided to spend the night at the cabin with Freckles curled up beside her, cuddled on the blow-up mattress and navy blue sleeping bag.


When Carrie didn’t answer her cell phone the next day, Jeff and Marcus decided to stop by and be sure Carrie still wanted the furniture moved the next day. Carries car was there, but the door locked was when they arrived. They could hear Freckles meowing pitifully. The brothers walked down to the creek, thinking she may be nearby.


Carrie!” Marcus called, waited and called again. No answer.


“Marcus, come here!” Jeff cried out suddenly. His brother found him standing over Carries silent body It looked as though she had been struck from behind. Shaking, Marcus called 911 to report what they had found.


The brothers were immediately considered suspects. Terrified, they swore their innocence.


One of the detectives who had investigated the cabin ran down to where Marcus and Jeff were being interrogated. “Take of your shoes.” he demanded of the brothers.


Confused, they took off their shoes and handed the to the detective. He turned them over and looked at the treads, flashed on the picture app of his cell phone, and after looking at a photo, sighed and said. Take their phone number and let them go.”


“What?” said one of the other officers.


“Saw it on CSI last week,” the detective smiled. “The murdered left his shoe prints on the newly finished floor and they didn’t match those of the suspects apprehended at the scene.”


Marcus and Jeff took a sad look at Carrie’s beautiful, still body and breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully the shoe prints would lead them to her killer.


“Maybe we should watch more TV,” Jeff smiled. “We might actually learn something!”






















11 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Rajiv said,

    Very intriguing…. Will there be a sequel?

    • 2

      beebeesworld said,

      Probably not, but I love the 500 word prompts and sometimes, I will concentrate on the picture a while and let it speak to me. Thank you for reading the article.

  2. 3

    SwittersB said,

    Thoughts and loves are with you Brenda.

  3. 5

    lyssamedana said,

    Poor Carrie, so near her dream. I hope we are going to hear more about this. Lyssa M x

    • 6

      beebeesworld said,

      I am attracted to the 500 word type prompts where I can leave the readr to their imagination right now-its hard for me to concentrate on long stories like I used to. Thanks for reading.

  4. 7

    WhimsicalEpiphanies said,

    At first I thought, I wish I could go visit the cabin in the woods….and then my heart crushed. 😡

    • 8

      beebeesworld said,

      I didn’tt know what I was going to write, and then I noticed the black tar footprints on the freshly done flooring and my evil mind got moving….

      • 9

        WhimsicalEpiphanies said,

        Hehe…evil minds have the best stories to tell…It is very well written.

      • 10

        WhimsicalEpiphanies said,

        Hehe…Evil minds have the best stories to tell…It’s very well written.

  5. 11

    Tina said,

    I read an article noting that these shows are teaching people to be successful criminals. This was intriguing. Too bad about Freckles!

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