The Gifts that She Left


Together, we sing a special song, “Morning has Broken” as we sat together at the Celebration of Life of a woman who was taken before her time, but faced her illness bravely, with unbounded love from her family and friends.

I will always remember our talks as we strolled down her driveway or stood admiring each others gardens. She was a school counselor, a mother, a wife, a friend. Only a few years ago, she was full of life, taking the vacations of her dreams, planning additions to their house, planting new flowers. It never occurred to anyone that her dreams would be stolen by illness.

As a mother who has lost a child, I still feel the unfairness of my friends and cousins who have lost their battles with disease as adults. It seems so wrong, they had so much yet to give. I lost my best friend of 35 years to cancer when she was just 48. Oh, how I could have used her shoulder to cry on in the times yet to come!

Today, though, I look at the gifts that my friend and neighbor left for us to keep her alive within our hearts. Every time I see a flower blowing in the wind, I will smile and think of her. When I see a child walk across the stage to accept their hard-earned diploma, I will think of her. When I see her husband, walking, alone, I will see her there beside him. I believe with everything inside me that her life will always hold more meaning than her untimely death.

I struggle to allow myself to have these feelings for my 15-year-old son. I STILL struggle. I will always struggle. But somehow, now, when I see the sunrise up into the brilliant magenta sky I will think of her, perhaps laughing and talking to my son in a different realm. Perhaps the most important gift she left me was the realization that no matter how much time we are given on this earth, there will be those who love us-present tense-LOVE us, and that kind of love does not die as the sun crosses the sky and night falls upon us. It simply becomes a different part of our lives.




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  1. 1

    nutsfortreasure said,

    Sending you a hug Beautiful piece.

    • 2

      beebeesworld said,

      Thank you, as always for reading my blog. I like your new picture, because you make me smile as well. beebee

      • 3

        nutsfortreasure said,

        🙂 Thanks you mean profile or watercolor things I am so screwy and always on overload these days I fell yesterday and spent the day with my Mom taking her food shopping FOR GOOD FOOD then we went for ice-cream 🙂 Rome was not built in a day 🙂

  2. 4

    What a good song to celebrate her.

  3. 5

    Judy said,

    I love this song – it’s timeless. So sorry for the loss of your friend; yet another loss in your life.

  4. 7

    Lucid Gypsy said,

    A lovely tribute.

  5. 8

    vbholmes said,

    Beautifully said, Beebee. I’m sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you.

  6. 9

    Lovely…..hearts and hugs to you, friend.♥

  7. 10

    nishipal said,

    Heartfelt as always..Would like you to know Ive nominated you to the Very Inspirational Blogger Award.Thank you for being an inspiration.

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