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I am looking for PROMPTs to write about. I used to write for quite a few, but it seems they have all stopped publishing.  If you know of anyone who publishes PROMPTS to write for, please, let me know!  Thanks.


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    Marcy said,

    Have you seen the Gargleblaster at Yeah Write? They ask a question, and you have to answer it in 42 words. They publish the question on Sunday.

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    Mary Ann said,

    I follow Mama Kat’s blog: The writing prompts are posted on Tuesdays and bloggers link their posts on Thursdays. Check it out! I hope to link up one of my posts one of these days.

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      beebeesworld said,

      Thanks! I will look it up and see if I can comtribute. I often have a hard time finding me blogs and it seems the reader and my list of blogs has changed so I dont know how to use it like I used to-very frustrating. If you have time, walk me thru getting on a wordpress site. beebeesworld

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