A snowflake Story

A pelting of ice jingles against my window pane..musical-sweet childhood memories.

the sound softens. I can FEEL it changing form…

a softness surrounds me-comforts me.

i am snowblind deep in the forest. I am young,free.

I giggle,stick out my tongue to taste its beauty

Long ago, this was my world.

i watch the different shapes of whiteness fall softly on my black coat.

We are one, the snowflake and i- beautiful for a moment, catch me if you can!

Magic-and i own it- Just for a blink in time,yet the memory  lives on.

if only i could make the world so beautiful and innocent once more.


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  1. 1

    Judy said,

    Your words evoke such sweetness and longing. Reading it has me feeling hopeful and innocent again. I sense a lot of hope within this – it’s beautiful, Brenda.

  2. 5

    simon7banks said,

    Beautiful and evocative. Thanks.

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