When Winter Begins to Surrender

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The breeze still draws chills from my body

as I walk, head down along the field.

I want to see the signs of winter awaken.

giving in-flowers, every tiny flowers!

Some are tiny bluets, sprinked among the

dead grasses, rushing to grow before the grasses.

There are stalks of white blossoms, so tiny

I must look close to examine them.

I remember how the seed pods burst open

when they flowers have done their duty.

I see the sign of periwinkles along

the cracked brick wall beside the road.

The dandelions, frustrating by their number

as spring unfolds, are wonderful now,

as spring just begins to unfold around me.

Daffodills and purple crocus dapple my garden.

Hiding out as spring turns to summer-

their locations, for several seasons, unknown.

Nothing brings a smile to a hiker like the first flowers.

They give us the hope, so badly needed,

The remind us that beauty comes in all forms, at all times.

Their variety-from delicate spring beauty to

stout dandilions surprises me as they race to beat

the leaves and grasses waiting to beat them out.

In times when my heart is dispondant,

my soul in virtual hibernation within me,

I see these first signs of winter’s surrender

and hope that perhaps, just maybe some other sorrows

will take their hint an surrender too,

Come, spring flowers, each day I will search for you

as you come and quickly go, wherever you hide.


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  1. 1

    Judy said,

    This poem is so hopeful – I do love finding spring flowers and your words brings the images to life. Great writing, Brenda – it gave me a smile.

  2. 7

    nutsfortreasure said,

    Amen bring us signs of life in the form of tiny pretty blooms xoxo

  3. 10

    beebeesworld said,

    I need something to get better!

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