Knockin on Heavens Door-Guns n Roses



It has been a rough spring, lonely, depressing, sad.  Remembering past days when I had youth, dreams, hope on my side, I have found solace in listening to some of my favorite songs from younger days. ” Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns N Roses, not only seems to express my disappointment, but also my will to go on…   Relax and remember when….Axl Rose and Slash tried to get along, The way Slash (Sean Hudson) had complete command of any guitar in his hand, Axl’s sexy moves and wonderfully exotic presence on stage, the way the band seemed to come together for the massive audiences (well, most of the time…)  before Slash found Miles Kennedy to sing with, probabaly a much better, smoother match, more soothing than the screams and shouts attributed to the Guns N Roses crowd.  Perhaps, before we learned “The story behind the scenes” of many of the bands during the late 1980’s  to the mid 1990’s. Go to “you tube” and spend a while “back in the day!.”


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    Judy said,

    I love also how music from my past brings back the memories, feelings and dreams. It is a beautiful escape from the present – kind of like a time machine. Sorry your spring was so dark, Brenda. I hope things will get easier – always hoping and wishing that for you.

  2. 2

    beebeesworld said,

    Thanks Judy-cleaning out my parents house-with my disabilities and the physical and emotional toll this is taking on me, well, lets just saythings arent getting better….as usual…. beebee

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    For sure, music helps take us back through wonderful times of our lives. Blunts some of the pain of getting older. I know…

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