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When You Are All Grown


I have loved being a mom for 40 years-

Six kids I have loved, , one so wrongly stolen.

Each time one of you has left my home

to go out into the world, a piece of my heart-

my “Mother’s Heart” has cried.

To have my little ones, love them,

see their eyes light up when they see me

was like a gift from Heaven to me.

To see you leave saw a piece of me wither away.

I wanted you to grow up and have a happy life,

butt it happened so fast-or not at all.

I want to feel you cuddled in my arms,

Hear your gentle breath as you sleep beside me.

No one told me that those difficult days with

noisy, messy, sleepless little ones would be missed,

That one day, you would be grown and I would be alone,

That your little laugh, your toddler smile would disappear.

I miss each of you, whether you grew up and moved on

or God took you when I needed you so much more.

Don’t forget that moms love hugs from grown kids too.

That they never get tired of hearing, “I love you.”

Forgive me when I’m sad because you have gone

even a short distance away. Minutes lost-tears gained.

One day, you will know how I feel and only then

will you see that your children grow so very fast,

But the need for their love, their smiles, their hugs,

never leaves, but only grows as you get older.

Share with me now, what I shared with you then.

Everything I have, my heart and soul, my love.


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