Back to a Night as a 70’s “Hippie”


To set the reader in the mood for a typical Friday night partying with friends, along with a little ditty that I happened to read on Facebook recently that we sang “way back in the day”, I want to have you think back and remember, or perhaps experience for the first time what it was like to be young and “free”, with little responsibility and even less material things. First of all , remember, we didn’t care about material things. It was part of the idea of being a hippie. We didn’t call ourselves “hippies” as a rule. But a lot of other people did. It wasn’t near as evil or mysterious as outsiders suspected. It was usually just a group of friends, sitting around in the sparsely furnished living room of a friends “pad” or house, enjoying a little pot and a lot of munchies , such as M n M’s, potato Chips, candy bars, soft drinks, beer, whatever we could get-whatever someone could afford and brought to share.

I am not advocating this lifestyle or condemning it, though as a mature adult, it seems rather trivial.

Some of the friends had jobs or went to school, some of the girl had babies. Most were in their late teens to mid twenties. The furnishings in the living room often consisted of thousand dollar stereo on which to play albums and 8 tracks which a lot of our money was spent on. The stereo was often sitting on a long board with cement blocks as legs. The house was filled with hand-me-down or throw-away type furniture. I don’t remember the houses being dirty or lacking in style. It was clean and the furniture well arranged. The door to other rooms often had strings of beads hanging from ceiling to floor. There were lava lamps and psychedelic posters on the walls.

The music was the best part of being with friends on a Friday night or any other nights. No one was forced to take drugs, and usually, the drug of choice was marijuana. The music we listened to consisted of my all-time favorite (still), Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, J.J. Kale, old favorites from the Woodstock era, or any southern hard rock groups friends brought in to share with others. We turned the music up loud, sang along, pretended to play the guitar (some of really could, but not of the quality of the groups we listened to. It seems there always one person who put on a one man show of pretending to play the guitar, sing and dance around the room.

These were fleeting times, soon all of us would either rejoin the real world of college, jobs, family, or fall through the cracks that lead to more dangerous drugs and lifestyles. Still, I remember them fondly, and I imagine a lot of other people do too. I have seen a recurrence of a “hippie” like, earth lover types lately, and, to be honest it makes me smile. The new hippies may eat food that was (and is) strange to us who lived their youth in the 70’s, but they still decorate in a similar, though maybe more sophisticated manor, they still have beads on the doors, the pictures are more likely to be beautiful woodland scenes than psychedelic posters, the music more modern rock, hip-hop but still mingled with the favorites that have lasted the years.

Now, for those of you who have stayed with me this long-your reward-the song or “ditty”, if you will that has been sung by generations of hippies, just to get a laugh.

(Sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row your boat” )

“Roll, roll, roll a joint, twist it at the end. Light it up, take a puff, share it with a friend!”

Peace and Blessings to the ‘hippies” of any age who may have smiled as they remembered….


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  1. 1

    robert okaji said,

    Oh, those 8-tracks! I must admit that I don’t miss them.

  2. 3

    Thanks for the flash back. We obviously had similar life experiences, as “trivial” as they may now seem. I appreciate your words as they resurrected a lot of good memories. 🙂

  3. 6

    Dear BeeBee

    That sounds very familiar with what my friends and me did, when we were younger. But we never would have described us as hippies. We were a bunch of dedicated independent music followers. All, that was not on air, but on selected radio stations. I remember the evenings we meet on a special day at a special time, listening to „Rauschhour”, „Grenzwellen” and weird broadcasts that were rare those days (for us), like the Peel Sessions on BBC. Which often were hard to listen to, because of a steady rustling. And of course did we smoke sinsemilla. What I want to say is; We all want the same more or less. No matter how we are dressed up or what music we like, as long as we didn’t think of ourselves as the center of the earth. And that is what we’ve learned from the hippie era, even if none of us were there those days. And that is what our daily life is missing: More hippie spirit!

    Thanks to you a good piece of it is dwelling here

  4. 8

    jane tims said,

    I have never quite let go of some things I associate with those days… Floppy shirts, caring more about the lyrics than the music, fields of flowers, floaty scarves. Thanks for your reminiscences …

    • 9

      Could be that I did’t translated your comment well, because I am from germany and I*m not able to understand all written english (or US-english) in a whole, but the outside must not change the inside. Look sharp and wait for spaceships, that will do!

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