HB2 and my CAT-This is legit-please read

HB2 and my CAT- this is legit-so read it please! With this HB2 ( aka “The Toilet Papers”) so much in the news here in NC , I have a serious delima. I took my 6 year old cat to the vet this morning to get a rabies shot and they didn’t want to give it to HER without an exam, so I agreed to the exam. After thoroughly checking HER glands for possible infection, the vet felt that the cat was fine and could get the shot. However, he did have some rather surprising news for me, my cat, Cougar, who was found as a stray 6 years ago by my son, was a MALE.!!! It is NOT a FEMALE, as we have called ‘her’ and thought ‘she’ was for 6 years- since HE was less than a year old!!!! SO, HERE IS MY QUESTION– if my MALE cat identifies as a FEMALE because it had been told for most of its life that HE was a SHE, can HE USE our girl cats litter box? Oh, my,I’m SO confused!!!!

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    Tammi Kale said,

    Oh this is a gem!! You should put it out there with the chick whose in love with a tree! Great post!

  2. 4

    Oh my. Though I don’t believe you need to get as worked up about your findings as some of our fellow citizens have been/are. I think you simply need to ask Cougar how he prefers to identify and then be with his/her choice. 🙂

  3. 6

    I wonder why we germans hadn’t any idea like the „Toilet Papers” so far. Could be that women decide about the legalisation or prohibition of gender overarching restroom visiting, because if the ladies WC’s are packed, they use the toilettes for men.
    No-one really cares, as long as no man is found next door. I can say that I don’t like it!!!
    Animals got it easy: Just write „only for cats” on your litter box and the problem is solved I guess. Animals are not that complicated like humans. Think of all the animals using the same wood, or the fishes in the ocean and so on… or men at a barbecque… later in the evening…

  4. 7

    jane tims said,

    We are all just cats.

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