Enjoy a Fall poem and Help me Identify this flower!

imageI planted a package of wild flower seeds and after a long, dry spring, I am enjoying these large, beautiful orange flowers. They are about four feet tall, with multiple flowers and rather large leaves. The flowers look rather like cosmos, but the plant stems and leaves are much larger. Does anyone know what they are called?

I learned this poem in fifth grade and have never forgotten it. I am sure I could find the author if I looked it up, but since today (August 31) is my son’s birthday, and I have always considered the poem to be about today, because it is named, “September”..I will share it now.


A road like brown ribbon,

A sky that is blue,

A forest of green with that sky peeping thru.

Asters, deep purple,

A grasshoppers call-

Today, it is summer,

Tomorrow, it’s fall!





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  1. 1

    SwittersB said,

    I have a smaller version….I think….and those are cone flowers, but I am not really sure in this instance.

  2. 4

    Judy said,

    That is really a sweet poem. Thanks for sharing, Brenda! I thought the flower looked like a cosmos also. It’s very beautiful. I’m not a botanist, so I have no idea what it is. 🙂

  3. 6

    Jim said,

    My belief is that they could be cosmos or a variation thereof.

    • 7

      beebeesworld said,

      The flowers look very much like cosmos, but with a more pronounced center, the leaves are not at all like the cosmos I have had, but it could be a different variety.mi am definitely going to save the seeds!

  4. 10

    mommermom said,

    They are very pretty. I have no idea. My mother-in-law is excellent with flowers but she lives 1500 miles away and not internet efficient she’s been president of the Garden Club there for years. Maybe you could check with the local Garden Club. Lovely poem. Thank you

  5. 12

    journalplace said,

    Your flower looks like a cosmos.

    • 13

      beebeesworld said,

      The leaves look nothing like the cosmos I have always grown. Perhaps there are different varieties because the cosmos I have grown have feathers thin leaves snd these flowers have large soft fuzzy leaves. The centers of min orange ones are a little larger to. I just don’t see any like them anywhere. A lot of people have I guessed, Cosmos, but I have grown them for years and they aren’t the same. If you know of other varieties that are kin to Vosmos, that may be a clue. The tall plants with many blooms is similar to the look of a Cosmis plant, but not the leaves or flowers. I have never seen a bright orange cosmos, either. Thanks for writing. Brenda

  6. 14

    beebeesworld said,

    Journal place, if I am not following you, I’d like to!

  7. 15

    julia Akers said,

    Did you ever find out what the plant was? I have one growing in my flower bed.

    • 16

      beebeesworld said,

      maybe a calendua-i used to have some years ago. I know alot about wildlife from insects, flowers, mushrooms trees. its easy for me to say, No, this is definitely not a cosmos, but my memory and inability to find a matching picture has prevented a positive ID. maybe it will show up-i haven t spent a lot of time looking for it.

  8. 17

    Beans said,

    Love the poem.
    I have found the same flowers on my daily walk. Brought my scissors and now have a nice collection of seeds. Still don’t know the name. But they sure are a thriving and beautiful sight.

  9. 18

    mthz said,

    It’s Tithonia rotundifolia aka Mexican sunflower

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