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Baby Boomer Barrier


Barriers-the story of my life. It seems that the harder I work, the more perseverance I put into something, the less likely I am to achieve my goals to my satisfaction. Since the prompt ask for last week, I must say that the frustration I have with getting my computer to work has to top the list.

 I often ask people to help me find a “wordpress 101”, but find it difficult to understand if I do have a chance and often with my back and hip problems, have to limit my time on the computer. I won’t forget to mention that my computers do not like me. I pay a good price for them and yet I have had three completely crash in the past three years, one to the point where my hard drive could not be saved.

I had failed to back up everything-it is more difficult that just pushing “save”, and lost a years work.

Computers are to people who grew up in the days of electric typewriters are a night mare. My 15-year-old son wants to make a career of computer technology and was raised on today’s electronic whirlwind. It is very discouraging. If I ever get to the point where I can enjoy my creativity rather that agonize over my frustration with computers, that will be a good week!


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Interview with the Modern-day Teen

04290005This interview is with my teen son, a computer geek and my best friend!

What is your favorite subject in school and why?

Son- “Probably Civics, because it is interesting to learn how our country was formed and the changes it has gone through in only 200 years.

What is your favorite video game and why?

Son- “Minecraft- because it is to easy to customize. It is never-ending, you can customize, design, even create animations for it. There is always something new you can add. It doesn’t have “levels’ and such like old video games had.”

Who is the person you admire most in business? Why?

Son: “Steve Jobs, because no matter how many struggles he went through, he always kept going, never let himself feel defeated, even in death.”

Who is your favorite music group?

Son: “That’s very hard-I’d say it is a music distributor called Proximity. They distribute smaller artist and helped them gain popularity.”

What are your ambitions for the next five years?

Son: “I’d like to learn to code all kinds of computer programs and create animations using all kinds of programs.”

How do you plan to use these things to make a career for yourself?

Son: “I plan on going to go to college for Computer Engineering and I hope to create animations for a side job.”

Do you get along well with your siblings?

Son: “ Yes, we connect, have fun, socialize. I am the youngest, so I learn a lot from them.”

Do you get along well with your peers? Older people/ Little kids?

Son: “Peers-yes, we don’t disrespect each other, we find ways to socialize and help each other.”

“ Older people-yes, because the have experience and are a great source of knowledge. I love to hear their life stories.”

“Little kids-most of the time, I can find ways to mess with them, play with them. I have little nephews and nieces I have had to learn to entertain them and laugh at the way they see things and express themselves.”

What do do think our societies main issues should be right now?

Son: “Figuring out a way for Republicans and Democrats to agree on something and stop acting like preschoolers.”

Thanks for being my volunteer!

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What You Could Be

What You Could Be

I look at him, same age as you,

when death snatched you out of the blue.

He’s just 15, but teachers say,

that he will make it big one day.

I touch your photo, hold it too,

each time I pass, your place, your room.

It looks just like it did that day

when Hell took you and life away.

I see him grow, a brilliant smile,

when he creates, he dreams, compiles.

The things I wish that you could see.

I wonder, Babe, what you could be?

It’s just so wrong that you aren’t here.

I see your face, your eyes, your fear.

Still, no one knows, but you and me,

The truth about what you could be.

I pray the day will not be long,

When something might take up the wrong.

And somehow just, please let me see.

The beauty of what you could be.

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Trouble again

Once again,I am having trouble logging in.  I can not “like” blogs I read, can’t log in as beebeesworld , this happened everyday, sometimes it will finally start working.  Something must me wrong with the connection between my new computer and the wordpress site. I have this problem over and over.  it often takes 30 minutes or more for me to read a blog that has the “post” tab, so that I can try to get help.  It it clears up, the problem starts again in a few days, please, someone with wordpress contacts , help me fix this issue. I am not well and writing for wordpress helps me, i enjoy reading blog, but want t write, respond, like, check my stats as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated! beebeesworld

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My Apologies-update

Dear readers/followers of beebeesworld- please do not give up on me-I had to get a new computer and am loaded down with messages, work, updates that someone has to help me with , please keep checking fort my work-I will read your work as soon and as much as i can. I enjoy this blog so much and appreciate the loyalty of my readers!

I have found out that my  has a critical issue that even trained techs are having problems with.  I don’t have  either mt broken computer or new one right now. i am just hoping i can retrieve the many precious items on my old hard drive.  Since the people who have looked at my computer are employed in the tech field, I am looking for miracles-that don’t cost  more than I can afford. If anyone has any ideas, contacts, etc. for me I would be so grateful!

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