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The grass, soft and new, flowers nodding quietly in the warmth of spring. He sits on the quad at the university between classes, thinking.


“What will I do when I get out of here,” he thinks. Smiling, he imagines her face, a house with a picket fence, him coming in with a brief case at days end. 60


Across the quad, she sits, thinking, “What will I do when I graduate?” She sees herself walking in the door, slinging down her briefcase and turning on the news. He walks in with a glass of cool tea for her. They smile.


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I’ve Seen Rain and I’ve Seen Heat

During a week when we have been cursed by floods like we haven’t seen in decades, I have been amazed at how the heat from a few hours of sunshine, mixed with the extreme humidity have affected us.

We spend our winters in the mountains, praying for warmth, the heat of a warm fire, the fragrance of smoke as it spits it’s sparks and curls of smoke drift across the room.

 In summer, we have spent years in a drought situation, accompanied by late frost, cold weather, name the weather curse.

 This year, its been rain, rain, rain. We are 14” over the average. We have been flooded daily for a week, the 4th of July caused major damaged, it has rained almost every day, the water has no where to go, creek banks have washed way, yards, fields, gold courses are lakes, and still it rains.

 I must admit that during a few hours of sun-temperatures only in the low 80’s, the heat felt overwhelming, with the humidity so high, it was almost visible. This is not the way we usually think of heat in July. But every few decades, the weather seems to sen us an often unwanted surprise.

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Dream Chaser

I think about death a lot.

About my son, my mom, my neighbor.

I think about how easy it would be

to not deal with all this crap any more.

As I sit , trying to catch up on emails,

my heart starts to pound, I feel sick, shaking.

I wonder if the death angel has come for me.

It scares me more than I thought it would.

It lasted a long time, sweating, panting.

I miss my son and mom and others.

I wonder where I’d be if I hadn’t stayed here.

I wonder why I had to stay here when my son left.

And I see the dream chaser I made

For my grand kids today and think, “Maybe I know.”

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Life on the Edge

Autumn used to be my favorite time of year, the amazing colors of the deciduous forest, the assortment of multicolored mushrooms, the fall flowers. Four of my kids were born in later summer or early fall. I loved harvesting my garden, the surprise of huge pumpkins, or perfectly shaped candy roasters. The fragrance of herbs filled my senses.

Six years ago, I lost my 5th child, one of my later summer sons. My world changed forever. It has seemed like I have been sitting on the edge of the world, looking for something familiar, comforting, and finding nothing.

I am again enduring serious illness, as I did when I first lost my son. Looking out, daringly over the precipice of life is frightening now. I find no joy, no adventure, no song in my heart.

Take the beauty of life when it presents itself. It may not be there tomorrow. It will never be the same again.

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